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Drive performance by reaching the right audiences when they’re most engaged.

Optimise your Google Display Ads.

Optimise your Google Display Ads.

Your ads should drive sales and build your brand. Simply sending traffic to your site isn’t enough.

If you’re not reaching the right audience, you’re simply setting up a billboard and letting people drive past it. What you need to attract is a qualified, relevant audience that is already interested in your brand.

Through ad targeting and distribution technology, Impressive unleashes optimised Google banner ads onto the right audience, at the right time. Bringing you dollars, not just impressions.

Maximise conversions and your ROI using Google display advertising by partnering with the leading Google display advertising agency – Impressive.



The Google Display Network is a platform that allows you to access tons of websites and apps that sell advertising slots on their display-only websites. An often overlooked yet valuable tool, the Google Display Network is an awe-inspiring method to reach prospective customers who are actively seeking products and services that fit your business offerings.


The Google Display Network’s audience targeting tool enables you to create ads that resonate with your target audience and access prospective customers based on their shopping history and browsing habits. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, you can go to wherever they are on the web. 

With the Google Display Network, you can target your audience based on: 

  • In-market segment targeting
  • Affinity audience targeting
  • Custom intent audiences
  • Placement targeting
  • Topic targeting 

Your ads will reach people with genuine interest in your product or service, and not bother with the rest. That means you’re only spending money on ads that will actually impact your bottom line.

Get There Before your Competitors.

Get There Before your Competitors.

The Google Display Network (GDN) puts you in control of when your ads are shown.

Grab a user’s attention before your competitors do to give yourself that vital competitive advantage. Or, use remarketing to remind a customer that they’re interested in your products or services.

We can strategically place your Google display ads on a network of relevant sites across the web. Google says their Display Network reaches more than 90% of internet users worldwide. It spans across 2 million sites!

Can you afford to ignore that audience?

Measurable Results Through a Transparent Relationship.

Measurable Results Through a Transparent Relationship.

The best part about a digital campaign is being able to see it work.

Whenever we partner with a business to manage their GDN, we offer transparent services and honest information from that very first phone call.

You can measure the results from your campaign in AdWords and watch us blow your goals out of the water. Through clear reporting, you’ll gain full access to the ads that are getting the best results, your cost-per-click and conversion rate improvement.

If you’re not happy with the results you’re seeing, we can use this data to tweak your campaign.

We’ll allocate your budget to get the best ROI possible and get you more customers.



Turn Passive Browsers into Active Customers.

Turn Passive Browsers into Active Customers.

Though Google banner ads are littered around the web to catch the eyes of passive users, there are intricate ways to optimise them and gain active buyers.

While users aren’t in the “ready to buy” phase (they may not even be in the “ready to shop” phase!) don’t let that put you off GDN advertising. Our AdWords gurus at Impressive know their way around AdWords to the finest detail.

We’ve learnt from experience what works and what doesn’t.

Through the powers of remarketing, managing placements, creating multi-format, engaging ads and giving daily nurturing to your campaign, you’ll be amazed at just how much your reach could expand.



Expand Your Digital Reach with Programmatic Advertising 

Programmatic advertising is a form of online advertising that optimises computers to automate the buying and selling of digital ads. As a result, programmatic ads consistently engage your customers and drive qualified leads to your business over time. Programmatic advertising is quickly becoming integral to online marketing, and it’s not going away soon! 

Hyper-targeted programmatic advertising

Hyper-targeting is a strategy that identifies a target audience and delivers personalised and relevant messages across online spaces. Hyper-targeting is an opportunity to funnel your business messaging to a targeted audience more likely to be interested in your products and services. 

How to Optimise Programmatic Advertising for Your Campaign

Making the most of your programmatic advertising is more than just buying more impressions – it’s about ensuring you reach the right audience at the right time. From segmenting your audience to setting clear goals and studying your data, we can help you build the best strategy and automation that maximises your organic campaign growth.

Reap the Benefits of Google Display Advertising With The Best Agency In Melbourne

Reap the Benefits of Google Display Advertising With The Best Agency In Melbourne

Let your competitors continue to snuff at the more “passive” nature of Google Display Advertising. Meanwhile, you can storm ahead with optimal Google Display ads that bring in the big bucks for your brand.

Tools like Google AdSense, and a smarter strategy, keep your ads relevant. So, if you sell gourmet cake toppings, your ad might be displayed on a blog post explaining how to create awesome cake designs.

The user wasn’t originally in the buying phase, but as soon as they are, they’ll think of your brand first.

Have a chat with an Impressive strategist. We can offer a FREE 30-minute analysis of your current digital advertising strategy and show you how to improve it.


Essential PPC services for eCommerce growth

Make the most of the platforms designed for eCommerce growth. We’ll focus your marketing on the channels most effective for your brand to generate maximum conversions and boost revenue.

Google Ads
Google Ads

Accelerate sales with a Google Ads campaign that is driven by data and your target audience, to maximise your budget and reach your brand’s goals.

Google Shopping
Google Shopping

Enhance your digital presence and make sure your products are the preferred choice in your space, with a Google Shopping campaign that boosts visibility and drives traffic to your site.

Google remarketing
Google remarketing

A powerful Google remarketing campaign connects your organisation with prospects at the most optimal time in their buyer’s journey, to increase brand recall and conversions.

Microsoft Advertising
Microsoft Advertising

Maximise your potential by targeting new customer bases through the Microsoft Search Audience network.

Programmatic advertising
Programmatic advertising

Complex programmatic advertising made simple; our in-house tech team uses automation and audience segmentation to streamline your digital advertising strategies.

Taboola marketing
Taboola marketing

Harness the unmistakable power of content through Taboola marketing, for unique and innovative ways to connect with your audience when it’s at its most receptive.

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Google Display Network FAQs

The Google Display Network is a marketing platform that allows you to show ads to people who are browsing the web. You can choose what kinds of sites you want to show your ads on, and then Google will show your ads to people who visit those sites.

The reason why many businesses use Google Display Networks is because it’s easy to set up and manage, and it gives you access to a huge audience—one that’s made up of people who have already expressed interest in what you’re selling by visiting a website on the Display Network. This makes them more likely to click on your ad than someone who has never heard of your company before.

The GDN shows your ads on websites in the form of banner ads, image ads and occasionally, responsive ads. Responsive ads are automatically adjusted to fit the theme and space of the website they’re placed on. Google lets you manage, target and budget for your ads within the tool. If you’re new to all of this, we recommend getting help from an expert to get the most out of your advertising spend.

In the past, tracking impressions or views of an ad was unattainable data – it left a gap in reporting. GDN integrates with Google Analytics to bring Impression Reporting to marketers. Now, when a user views your display ads and then later visits your site, this can be tracked. So, you can see how effective your Google display advertising is.

The Display Network works across more than 2 million websites worldwide. This comprises desktop sites, mobile sites and apps. Where your ad is displayed depends on the targeting options you select, so Google can try to get the context right for your campaign.

Google doesn’t like to reward sites that exist solely to serve ads or offer no original content. If you run an affiliate programme but also offer value and unique content on your site, you can make use of the GDN and remarketing without problems. That said, if you don’t make a lot of commission on your affiliate programme, you might want to use a form of advertising that will bring a greater ROI for your industry.

The Google Display Network Ads allow you to reach audiences across multiple online websites and apps relevant to your business through engaging display ads. Google Search Ads are only triggered when someone searches for specific keywords or phrases on a search engine. While Google Search is great for generating leads, the Google Display Network is efficient for targeting specific users based on their demographics and interests.

The Google Display Network gives you access to a massive audience, enabling you to build brand awareness amongst prospective customers. If a user has interacted with your brand on one of your website pages or through a search engine, they may see an ad for your business when they sign on to another page relevant to them. Due to the creative nature and prominent position of display ads, you can use the Google Display Network to build customer engagement as you familiarise the customers with your brand.

You can target your audience on the Google Display Network in two ways: retargeting and remarketing. 

Retargeting means that you show ads to users who have already visited your website or mobile app, allowing you to increase the conversion rate from these returning visitors. Remarketing audience approach focuses on targeting users who didn’t visit your page but share similar characteristics to those who did. This can be done by using cookie identifiers, demographic information, or IP geographical location.

Remarketing and prospecting are two different initiatives, and at the end, the best approach for your business depends on your company’s marketing goals.

Like most digital strategies, there’s no set answer to the cost of GDN. On average, the CPC for the Display Network is around $1 USD. Have a quick chat with us at Impressive to find out about costs for your unique campaign, and the kind of ROI you can expect.

You can choose whether to manually set up your display campaign, or have Google use their own tools to create the campaign they think best suits your objectives. There are multiple steps to follow if you would prefer to set this up manually, so check this guide by Klient Boost for more information.

Responsive display ads fit into whatever ad space is available, as they can transform themselves to fit where it has to go. Banner ads are found across the top of a webpage, whereas vertical skyscraper ads can be seen on the side of a page.

All businesses can choose to be on the GDN. However, we recommend only running this campaign if you’re not also running a Search campaign. Google doesn’t recommend over-layering, and this can eat into your advertising budget, without getting you the conversions you want.

There are different ways to measure the success of your display ad campaign: 

Impressions: The number of times your display ad appears on a third-party site. 

Click-through rate (CTR): CTR measures how many people click on your ads.

Cost per click (CPC): CPC indicates the number of clicks delivered from a campaign.

CPA (Cost Per Action): Take your spend and divide it by the number of conversions or actions to determine the CPA for a campaign. 

View-through Conversions: These conversions apply to someone seeing an ad, but not clicking, and then coming to your site later and converting. 

RoAS (Return of Ad Spend): RoAS takes the total revenue of your campaign and divides it by the total investment. 

Revenue Generated: The ability to discern the revenue generated by a campaign depends on the display advertising KPIs that you can measure.

A time and cost-efficient option, programmatic advertising automatically buys and sells digital advertising space with algorithmic software. The systems of Google Display Network and programmatic ads are automated and auction-based, therefore reducing the need to connect with third-party agents. Similarly, both platforms have targeting options to specify the audience demographics, interests, and behaviours.

As an Australian owned and operated agency, Impressive is dedicated to delivering exceptional results to clients across the country. With the expertise and talent of our in-house team members, we’re capable of growing your business in the eCommerce space. We are experienced in a wide array of marketing and advertising services. Ranging from PPC campaigns to SEO, content writing and more, you can choose an approach that suits your business goals the best. We recognise that each client brings a unique offering to the table, and we’re always happy to have a chat to learn more about you.

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We’ve got the know-how to create and place display ads on Youtube. Our team of experts will work with you to create an ad that will reach your target audience and help you accomplish your goals. We can also help you identify the best time to run your ads and make adjustments based on the results we get.



Here’s how we’ll invest in you:

A comprehensive audit
A comprehensive audit

We’ll review all of your digital marketing channels and outline what’s working, and what needs to be improved.

Unique growth strategy
Unique growth strategy

We’ll share our approach, covering how we’d scale your marketing efforts – and how they relate to your objectives.

ROI projections
ROI projections

We’ll forecast the results you can expect from our growth strategy, as well as your investment and the KPIs involved to get you there.