Measurement Planning & Implementation

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Garner deep insights with Google Analytics 4

Strategic Measurement Planning

The foundational stage of performance marketing is ensuring that there is a KPI linked to a business objective for every piece of activity that runs. Our analysts are dedicated to understanding your business objectives and finding the media metrics that align to achieving those goals.

The output of measurement planning comes in the form of a centralised document that acts as the source of truth when determining the success of a campaign with all performance platforms then also optimising to the same metrics.

Bespoke Google Analytics 4 Implementation

Bespoke Google Analytics 4 Implementation

Once a measurement plan has been compiled and signed off upon, the next stage is ensuring the tools that allow for analysis are set up in a way to easily surface actionable insights for the agreed KPIs.

Google Analytics has been the bedrock of website analytics for millions of businesses around the world, acting as the interface between activation of performance campaigns and how users are engaging on advertisers’ websites.

As of July 2023, the existing Google Analytics infrastructure (Universal Analytics) is being deprecated with a move to a more agile approach to data collection and analysis with Google Analytics 4.

Building on the established KPIs, we’re able to deliver custom, end-to-end implementations of Google Analytics 4 to bring those metrics that matter to life when reporting performance for our clients.

Real-time reporting and insight generation

Real-time reporting and insight generation

In the age of data-driven marketing, a non-negotiable is the ability to report on the metrics that matter in real-time and to be able to surface actionable insights.

As the cost of paid media campaigns continues to rise, it is increasingly important to ensure the ability to report on success metrics is accessible to all key stakeholders to make decisions on optimal budget allocation and optimisation of performance campaigns.

Our multi-channel dashboard solution allows for a clear, integrated view on performance metrics in real time with a view on how that ladders up to achieving the final business objectives.All of our reporting solutions are completely bespoke so you can focus on what matters most for your business.

Aside from just making data available via a dashboard, a key component of our offering is providing key insights from this information to help better inform on the optimisation of your performance campaigns.

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