An omni-channel customer approach increased sales both in-store and online for Mitre 10.

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Mitre 10


Full-Funnel Strategy Led To Record Revenue For Home Improvement Chain.

As one of Australia’s largest players in home improvement and hardware, Mitre 10 is known as the mighty helpful brand. But ultimately, their in-store success wasn’t translating to eCommerce sales.

By implementing a cross-channel campaign that utilised SEM and social remarketing, Mitre 10 saw record breaking revenue month after month.


increase in in-store revenue


increase in total store visits


increase in total engagements


For over 50 years, Mitre 10 has been Australia’s largest independent home improvement and hardware wholesaler. Boasting over 400 Mitre 10 and associated True Value Hardware franchises across the country, the Mitre 10 group has become the go-to for retail and trade customers seeking reliable, professional-quality hardware at the right price.

Since 1959, the Mitre 10 team has been committed to providing millions with solutions for their home improvement projects. The privately owned and passionately operated brand puts the customer experience first, offering expert advice to every customer that comes through its doors. But being an iconic retail network isn’t enough anymore – in a digitally focused age, Mitre 10 needs new revenue drivers and new approaches as they seek to solidify their position at the very pinnacle of Australia’s hardware market.


With strong results from a previous campaign, Mitre 10 were hungry for more success. They brought Impressive onboard for a more hands-on approach, with the objective to expand their campaign in new directions, boosting Mitre 10’s revenue with fresh strategies.

Their main goals included boosting the gap between online and offline, which was dragging them down. By providing an omnichannel customer experience, they hoped to simultaneously drive eCommerce sales up and increase click & collect purchases. The changing face of the Australian hardware market makes Mitre 10’s case study very interesting – no longer simply about maintaining a strong physical presence, hardware stores now need to back this up with excellent online capabilities.



With such a big brand to play with, it was vital that Impressive thoroughly understood Mitre 10’s needs and goals. By investigating their current marketing efforts and establishing what was lacking, the expert team was able to build a more effective omnichannel campaign utilising Google search ads, social remarketing, display, Gmail, YouTube, and Facebook and Instagram ads and stories to drive traffic and awareness from Mitre 10’s target audience.

Initially, we tested the waters with a two-channel approach focused on SEM and social remarketing. After observing early success, we introduced SEO and a full-funnel social strategy to round out the campaign.

Switching gears, the new acquisition strategy for 2021 looks a little different. Setting goals to deliver traffic through an awareness campaign, the new approach will be centred around writing and optimising DIY articles to increase SEO traffic and promote their ‘Mighty Helpful’ content.


After smashing targets in August and September, Mitre 10 reported record-breaking revenue of 1.3 million per month. This translated into a 39.6% increase in in-store revenue and a 76.89% increase in total store visits.

By increasing the total engagements online by 113.09%, Mitre 10 was able to subsequently achieve annual revenue targets in a matter of months. This success allowed the brand to substantially expand their media budget with the aim to dominate the market in 2021.

Today, the Mitre 10 case study continues to be valuable, as it showcases just how important it is to manage the transition from a traditional to a more varied marketing approach. Brands like Mitre 10 already have audience recognition, and with a team of digital experts on their side, they were able to make meaningful steps towards a new way of doing business – one that drives revenue and fosters a new set of customers.


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