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Capitalise on the evolution of programmatic advertising

Capitalise on the evolution of programmatic advertising

Optimise your online strategy by implementing the latest in digital technology. A huge portion of modern marketing strategies use programmatic advertising to harness the power of machine learning and automation, streamlining consumer messaging and enhancing digital presence with ease.

A world-first in this type of technology, programmatic advertising uses AI-optimisation to buy and optimise digital campaigns, so you can target specific audiences using a channel-neutral technology. Offering maximum efficiency to organisations, marketers can now implement strategies across Facebook Ads, Google Ads and more – automatically connecting with consumers in their favourite place, without having to repeat the process for every platform.

Activate a range of digital channels with best-in-class advertising

Activate a range of digital channels with best-in-class advertising

Empower your paid search, display, mobile, video and social campaigns. As complex as programmatic advertising may seem, the senior strategists at Impress!ve™ are some of the most advanced in our space and can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your campaign. With the goal of streamlining and simplifying how you reach customers online through paid media, your organisation can focus on growth.

We’ll take care of the rest; becoming a dedicated extension of your own team. Using proven processes like real-time bidding (RTB), ad exchanges and automated ad spending, we’re able to dominate online auctions and target potential customers based on their stage in the buyer’s cycle. When combined with other innovative advertising methods, like Google remarketing, you can dramatically increase your conversion rate and your bottom line.

Achieve a competitive advantage through the future of advertising

Achieve a competitive advantage through the future of advertising

The future of advertising is here and marketing teams that want to revolutionise the way they connect with their audience are turning to programmatic. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to navigate the complexities behind the method, because Impress!ve™ is made up of specialists in this area. Take advantage of our knowledge to experience the immediate results that automated bidding drives.

By working with us, brands can win more auctions and take more advertising space than their competitors. Think of us as a long-term partner, rather than a solutions provider, and your organisation’s growth will be supported by a dedicated team of specialists, state-of-the-art tools and unparalleled industry experience.




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Integrated paid advertising strategies, customised to you

Launch innovative paid media strategies that are designed around your company and its goals. By focusing on the channels that will be most beneficial for your success, you can achieve your short-term and long-term objectives.

Google Ads
Google Ads

The essential PPC channel, our in-house Google Ads specialists build your campaign around exclusive data and your target audience to accelerate results.

Google Shopping
Google Shopping

Increase your online visibility and maximise your potential through a Google Shopping campaign that drives more wallet-out traffic to your online store.

Google remarketing
Google remarketing

Discover how transformative Google remarketing is when it’s done properly. Reconnect with users that have already shown buyer intent – at the most effective time in their journey.

Google Display Network
Google Display Network

Deliver relevant online experiences using disruptive visual ads that are shown to your audience in their favourite places, including websites, social media, apps and YouTube videos.

Microsoft Advertising
Microsoft Advertising

Tap into an untouched consumer base and enjoy an increased return on investment, using the Microsoft Advertising paid search platform.

Taboola marketing
Taboola marketing

Connect with your audience when it’s at its most receptive, by promoting your messages within engaging online content built on Taboola.

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Programmatic advertising FAQs

Programmatic advertising gives you better access to your entire target market across all channels and devices. Best of it all, it can ensure you reach them in the right places at the right times. There’s no Google Display Network advertisements for leather shoes appearing on a vegan blog, but ads about fast internet speed during peak usage times? You betcha!

Ultimately, programmatic advertising uses data and machine learning to improve your marketing performance. While it can be a large initial outlay due to the technology required, the ROI far outweighs this expense when setup correctly.

Impress!ve™ will work closely with you to determine your objectives prior to getting started on your programmatic marketing strategy. Whether you’re aiming to achieve brand awareness, engagement, lead generation or conversions, programmatic advertising is beneficial for all types. Use it as a competitive edge and watch your profit margins increase.

Programmatic advertising offers two different types of methods to ensure your campaigns are successful. The first is known as Programmatic RTB (real-time bidding), which works in a similar fashion to how Google Ads works now. The difference is the bidding is automated.

Programmatic Direct, on the other hand, is a little different from the methods of advertising most marketers utilise now. Do you want to buy an ad space for a week or for 10,000 impressions on a highly relevant website? You can’t do it with Google Display Network, but you can with Programmatic Direct advertising.

Both capabilities are useful for a programmatic marketing campaign, although which one is better suited to your business depends on your marketing objectives. The team at Impress!ve™ will work closely with you to determine the best strategy to reach these objectives and your business goals.

Real-time bidding (RTB) is the buying and selling online ad space or ‘impressions’ via auctions that happen in the time it takes a webpage to load. Those auctions are often facilitated by ad exchange programs, such as Google Ads Manager or others with programmatic capabilities.

RTB can help increase your bottom line as it uses data to target customers or potential customers depending on what stage of the sales cycle they’re at. For example, when ad space starts to load in your web browser, information about you and the page you’re on is passed to an ad exchange. The space is then auctioned off, and the winning bidder’s ad appears on the page you’ve loaded. This all takes place within milliseconds as the webpage loads.

Impress!ve™, for example, might recognise you’ve been our site recently, which means we might be willing to bid higher than our competitors to win the auction as there’s a higher likelihood of conversion for someone who’s already interacted with us.

The cost for programmatic advertising can often come with a high price tag, due to the cost of the platforms and the media spend required to get your advertisements in front of the right audience. There’s a lot of data analysis and skill required to implement the strategy successfully and ensure you generate a strong ROI.

Of course, exact budgets are hard to narrow down as there’s many different factors to consider. These include the amount a new customer is worth to your business, the likelihood of repeat business, whether you’re a product or service business – and how competitive your industry is.

Whether you’re running Programmatic RTB or Programmatic Direct ads will also determine the overall cost of your programmatic marketing campaigns. It’s recommended you speak to an expert first to work out your strategy before settling on a budget.



Here’s how we’ll invest in you:

A comprehensive audit

We’ll review all of your digital marketing channels and outline what’s working, and what needs to be improved.

Unique growth strategy

We’ll share our approach, covering how we’d scale your marketing efforts – and how they relate to your objectives.

ROI projections

We’ll forecast the results you can expect from our growth strategy, as well as your investment and the KPIs involved to get you there.