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Mobile-optimised video marketing built for results

Mobile-optimised video marketing built for results

Convert your assets into results-driven YouTube advertising that performs at its peak. When your in-house marketing team doesn’t have the capacity to create high-performance video ads that are driven by data and enhanced by the industry’s best-in-class designers, partner with Impress!ve™ and integrate our specialists with yours. We build bold YouTube advertising campaigns that stand out in a noisy environment – merging unmatched creativity with exclusive audience insights that guide who we show your content to, and when.

Our proven formula drives quick conversions and helps our clients reach their long-term goals, boosting revenue through the essential video platform. Our in-house team of senior copywriters, digital strategists, videographers and social media specialists build your YouTube marketing strategy as part of an omnichannel approach, integrating it with other high-performance channels for lasting results.

Maximum returns through a targeted YouTube campaign

Maximum returns through a targeted YouTube campaign

The team of data analysts at Impress!ve™ utilise the unique audience insights available to us, to build a highly-segmented, targeted YouTube campaign that reaches your target consumers at the right time. By smartly placing your ads within the video platform, we’re able to maximise your budget and ensure you only pay for quality leads that convert. Innovative marketing tools and an understanding of how the most optimal YouTube campaigns are built means our clients get access to results-driven strategies their competitors don’t know about.

Because we work as a partner, not a provider, your dedicated team of video specialists will continue to monitor your campaign, optimising it at every level and ensuring it can scale as your business grows and your goals shift. It’s this long-term partnership and unfaltering support from the industry’s experts that gives you a unique advantage and generates revenue through the dynamic messages your customers most enjoy consuming.

A disruptive video campaign that supports brand growth

A disruptive video campaign that supports brand growth

The power of YouTube advertising can’t be overlooked, but crafting a professional and effective campaign requires the knowledge of digital strategists and the skills of expert videographers. All of our talent is kept in-house, and when brands partner with Impress!ve™ as an extension of their own marketing team, they achieve fast growth – with many even doubling or tripling their marketing-attributed revenue.

With custom campaigns, real-time optimisation and in-depth reports, marketing managers and business owners alike can feel confident that they’re spending their budget wisely. By always keeping the bigger picture in mind, we seamlessly integrate your YouTube ads with all other aspects of your digital presence, creating a smoother customer journey that encourages sales and builds your brand.




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YouTube Advertising FAQs

Working on a bidding system, YouTube advertising displays your ads either within a video or across YouTube search results pages and watch pages. The YouTube advertising cost comes into play when you choose the amount you want to spend on a bidding system.

Users have learnt to expect ads on YouTube, so they’re less likely to skip them, compared to videos on Facebook and other sites. In a survey by Animoto, 32% of YouTube respondents said they engage with branded content. YouTube ads become even more effective when you build a targeted plan. By making sure that your ads align with the content on which they’re played, you capture a more relevant audience.

Sharing your video content on your YouTube channel is free. Advertising on YouTube costs money. YouTube advertising costs depend on a number of factors, and marketers can generally choose how much or how little they want to pay.

Just like all bid-based platforms, YouTube advertising rates vary depending on your set budget, competition and number of views. The average cost-per-view could be anything between $0.10 and $0.30, and price also depends on your chosen ad type. With clever budget allocation and knowledge of the bidding system, you’ll get the best ROI.

When Google bought YouTube in 2006, they began thinking of ways to monetise the vast amount of video content available. It was in 2007 that they launched new advertising models alongside traditional display ads. In November 2008, YouTube began rolling adverts at the beginning of videos and announced promoted videos.

YouTube advertising works by the creation and customisation of ads within the platform. Using a Google AdWords account, you can choose your desired daily budget and select your audience demographics. Setting a broader audience will gather more leads, but a more specific audience will bring it better qualified leads. You can then upload your video ad, and ensure it’s well-optimised.

In 2017, YouTube added its “Google Preferred” programme, which hosts videos from popular TV channels and the top 5% most popular YouTube channels. This offers high-end advertisers a premium service, where they can pair their ads with only top-performing content on YouTube. Thus, advertisers have a better chance of getting more views.

As the name suggests, In Stream advertising describes those ads that play at the beginning of a YouTube video. A user can skip your video ad after 5 seconds, so make sure it’s engaging enough to avoid this. You will only be charged when a user watches a video until the end. This is ideal for marketers that want to promote video content on videos of similar categories.



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