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Fun, Focused Facebook Advertising Strategies.

Fun, Focused Facebook Advertising Strategies.

It may still be something of an enigma to some people, but it’s no longer an option. Facebook marketing for business owners should be a priority, not a side dish.

When Facebook left the realm of connecting students at Harvard University and became a big player in digital marketing for professionals, it flipped up the game. Now, businesses around Melbourne, Australia and the rest of the universe can’t get by without it.

If you’re struggling to get your voice heard in the noisy platform, there’s good reason for that. More than 50 million businesses are now on Facebook and it’s down to you to push through the crowd to get to the front row.

Enter Impressive to take charge of your Facebook advertising. Our Facebook advertising agency is helping Melbourne businesses transform their marketing campaigns with our kooky, creative and carefully-crafted approaches.

Real Leads, Cold Hard Cash.

Real Leads, Cold Hard Cash.

It’s nice to be liked, but nothing compares to the feeling of watching your business grow. We know that you care about more than generating ‘likes’ on your Facebook page. You want a campaign that delivers real results and boosts profits.

Personalisation is becoming an essential quality in successful campaigns. Customers want more information in their fingers from their first interaction with your business. This is why our Facebook ads agency focuses on creating dynamic campaigns that benefit from a top-notch ROI. Generating more leads with carefully crafted copy that will have potential customers itching to click through to your website. 

Not sure where to start? Call on a Facebook ads agency in Melbourne (like Impress!ve) and connect with a marketing consultant to see the difference it can make. A killer Facebook advertising campaign designed for a small business could bring you an average of 450% ROI, spinning qualified leads into paying customers.

Keeping up with the Crowds.

Keeping up with the Crowds.

Venturing on a social media marketing adventure alone is usually a risk that doesn’t pay. You could wind up throwing money at advertising campaigns that are built around guesswork. Without thorough analysis and market research, you could be missing out on very realistic prospects.

Facebook regularly changes up its algorithm, leaving brands wondering how they can get the results they expect. This is why you should partner with a Facebook advertising consultant that lives and breathes changes to the digital landscape. As a Facebook ads agency, Impress!ve keeps up with every latest development, so your company is never left in the dark.

Does your Small Business need Facebook Marketing?

Does your Small Business need Facebook Marketing?

Yes, your business needs Facebook. But then, of course we’d tell you that – we’re a Facebook advertising agency. Don’t listen to our biased advice, absorb the facts and make your own decision instead.

  • One-sixteenth of your customers’ waking hours are spent on Facebook. So it makes sense to position your product in the place they hang out most.
  • Facebook’s advertising tool allows for advanced targeting. 13 million people in Australia are on Facebook, but this feature allows you to zoom in on your most qualified prospects.
  • The channel allows you to personalise your message. From images to videos to carousel ads, it’s easy to showcase your brand’s unique voice. You can even connect your Shopify to make selling your products on Facebook a breeze for your customers.
  • Customers that find you on Facebook are likely to be more receptive; they’ve already sought you out on social media and know a thing or two about your company. Drive customers that care to your website with the help of our Facebook ad agency.


Analysis of your Social Standing.

Analysis of your Social Standing.

Data is central to your digital marketing strategy. It helps set goals, develop a marketing roadmap and track performance along the way. But in the complex world of digital marketing, it can be difficult to synthesise all the data and get a clear picture. That’s where our data marketing technology comes in.

OurFacebook advertising agency’s technology brings together data sources to create a clear picture of your digital strategy. With website data combined with audience metrics, we can understand what is working in your Facebook campaign and why. And as a business, you can access this data too. It’s about creating a collaborative and transparent agency relationship.

Creation of your Facebook Ads.

Creation of your Facebook Ads.

In-depth research is our weapon for slaying Facebook advertising strategies. We develop creative ads that are backed by logistics and designed to target the right audience to draw out the results you want.

Ads by Impressive Facebook marketing company never fade into the news feed, they show off your brand and drive the traffic that converts to your site.

Ongoing Monitoring of your Performance.

Ongoing Monitoring of your Performance.

Once your campaign is up and running, we’re not a Facebook advertising marketing agency that ups and runs. We’ll keep a close eye on the performance of your strategies to see where we can make improvements. With a team of in-house and white-label SEO specialists, Impress!ve will ensure your Facebook ads perform just as they should to help produce positive results across your business.

You’ll get full access to results, so you can witness the magic in a completely transparent system.



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Other services

A high-performance social media strategy seamlessly integrates channels relevant to your organisation and its audience, with multi-platform approaches working together. At Impressive, our experts specialise in individual platforms and focus on your campaign as one complete unit.

Social media advertising
Social media advertising

Want a social media marketing agency in Australia that knows how to build a strategy that gets you sales, not just likes? Accelerate results with our custom social solutions.

Instagram advertising
Instagram advertising

Instagram ads campaigns that merge data with creativity, for highly-effective, visual-based marketing to a laser targeted audience.

LinkedIn advertising
LinkedIn advertising

Sophisticated LinkedIn advertising connects you with decision-makers for B2B success. Out-perform the competition with a one-to-one marketing mindset.

YouTube advertising
YouTube advertising

Mobile-optimised YouTube marketing campaigns, embedded in the media your audience prefers and built for results.

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A comprehensive audit

We research your audience and analyse some of your closest competitors’ strategies as well as leading campaigns in your space. We also audit your website to evaluate the current customer journey and how it can be improved.

Unique growth strategy

We plan social solutions that encompass overall campaigns, while maintaining granular detail and outlining how your Facebook marketing will scale as your company grows.

ROI projections

We discuss how we would smartly maximise your budget, by dedicating it to those campaigns that are performing most strongly. We can also predict your expected ROI at this stage.



Our team will help set up your Business Manager tool on Facebook to help organise and manage all your information, including campaigns. This will help all your assets communicate and simplify advertising on Facebook.

Facebook pixel is a piece of code that helps Facebook’s algorithm track who’s visited your site. It also looks at who’s engaged with your ads across Facebook and Instagram. So having Facebook Pixel set up can help refine your targeted ads for better results.

This again depends on how big your campaign is. If you have a strong brand, we can get your campaigns live in under a week. If you’re a newer account, they’ll be a set-up stage where our team will work to develop your offer and create high-converting landing pages to send your traffic to.

Gaining results will always take time, no matter how big your brand is. You can see results from the first week after your campaign launch if you have a strong offer and high-quality copy and visuals. However, if you’re on a startup $50/day budget, you may not see significant results until a few weeks after. 

Our team will always outline all costs and fees within your campaign before its launch, so you don’t have to worry about any little hidden surprises after your campaign’s launch. 

While nothing is stopping you from boosting a single post, you may not see the true power of Facebook’s algorithm reflected when compared to your main campaign.

All customers need to be aware that Facebook ads can never guarantee results. Facebook can change their policies in a heartbeat which could impact your campaign, which is why it’s crucial to have an experienced team on hand that can counter these changes and ensure that your campaign can keep going strong. At Impress!ve, our team of Facebook gurus will always work to implement the best practices suited to your business and any policy changes. 

If you have a strong offer, high-quality copy, and the proper targeting and budget, then Facebook ad campaigns can become a great and profitable source of income. However, this may not apply to all companies. Speaking to one of our Facebook experts will determine the best option for your business needs. 

Think of hiring a Facebook ads agency like ordering coffee. If you want a nice-tasting coffee that will get you through the day, you’ll most likely go to a cafe where a trained barista will do the hard work for you. While you can always make a coffee at home, you just know it’s not going to be the same. 

This logic applies to your Facebook ads. An agency is equipped with experts who know exactly what they’re doing and how to get the best results. So it would make sense to trust these experts compared to learning everything yourself. 

When created correctly, Facebook ads can become a business’s most powerful lead generation. The secret to its success lies in Facebook pixel, a digital marketing algorithm that gathers data on your customers and uses it to find like-minded people.

When you hire in-house, you’ll often have one person in charge of your Facebook marketing. While this creates fewer points of contact, it means that you’ll be left with no one to fill the gaps if they’re sick or leave. On the other hand, using an agency means having more people and, therefore, more access to knowledge of different niches and Facebook marketing areas, which is key for Facebook’s constantly changing policies. 

The best Facebook marketing strategy is one that’s focused on a specific audience and tailored to your business. Each business has a different USP (unique selling point), so creating a campaign that looks towards your target audience, their concerns, fears, and dreams will help create a campaign that will drive engagement.

This depends on the quality of your website. If you want to create a high return on your Facebook campaigns, then our team may have some recommendations (such as additional content and improving site speeds) for your website to help boost its performance.

Facebook ads are called a ‘cold’ traffic source, and google ads are known as ‘warm’ or ‘hot’ sources. On google, your potential customers are also searching for a product or solution and, therefore, won’t take much convincing. On Facebook, your ads are placed in front of potential customers who may not have even heard of your brand before. This means they need more convincing and are a ‘cold’ traffic source.

Visually these ads look the same, but their creation is different. While standard ads will use images and copy chosen by you, dynamic ads are automatically sourced from your product inventory. Depending on their browsing history, these automatic selections are then displayed to potential customers. 

If your campaign is bringing in a very high investment return, that’s a general sign that your campaign is running well. A campaign will also see a higher percentage of customers to your direct store; usually, this is measured through your ROI or other frequency rates.

Yes! A/B testing is the only true measure of result in your Facebook campaign. By testing multiple ads and target audiences, you can see which are gaining more traction and why. Most initial campaign set-ups will have anywhere from 50-250 ads running at once. This will help ensure you’re reaching the right audience and getting the highest return on your campaign.