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Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing

On average, one sixteenth of our waking hours are spent on Facebook. The platform well and truly has our attention, so smart Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane businesses are using that to their advantage.

Facebook “likes” merely scratch the surface. To optimise social media for business, you need to dig deeper. And with slick Facebook advertising tools, you can narrow down your audience to perfection. So expect engagement, clicks, leads and sales.

Instagram Leads

Instagram Leads

Everyone and their dog is on Instagram. While you probably don’t want to market to Siberian huskies, you may want to direct your brand to the 9 million monthly active users in Australia through the power of Instagram advertising.

In 8 short years, Instagram has gone from being a place for filtered, pretty photos to a platform for businesses to humanise their content and direct their target audience to their website. Insta-success.

LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is the networking event you can attend without leaving your chair. It’s the world’s largest professional network you can use to rub shoulders with the 4 out of 5 Australian professionals that move in that circle.

Make LinkedIn a part of your social media management. Australia businesses can add a new dimension to their digital presence when they incorporate professional social sites. LinkedIn advertising is the most effective social media platform for lead generation in B2B industries and is your laneway to building long-term professional relationships.

YouTube Campaigns

YouTube Campaigns

If we told you about the benefits of YouTube marketing in a video format, you’d probably pay more attention. So we’ll keep it short. Online video traffic accounts for around 80% of all consumer traffic.

Press play on new ways to engage consumers with a nifty YouTube campaign. Reach more people in more places and show more of what your business can offer.

Facebook Done Right. Impressive Likes This.

Facebook Done Right. Impressive Likes This.

Are you struggling to shine in the overrun Facebook domain? You could be waving frantically at the millions of consumers on there, but they can’t see you through the tangled mess of irrelevant posts on their feed.

It’s tiring. It’s time-consuming. It’s time for a change.

Impressive is the affordable social media marketing and management agency, with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, that’s here to unlock the potential of your digital presence. With Facebook’s powerful audience selection tools, you can narrow down who you reach out to, to foster relationships and drive sales.

An effective Facebook advertising campaign is built from years of experience that only a professional social media agency like Impressive has.

Watch your leads double or even triple with an Impressive Facebook marketing campaign.



Facebook Business Partner
The ABC of your Facebook Advertising Success Story.

The ABC of your Facebook Advertising Success Story.

You’ve recognised the importance of hiring a social media marketing agency and you’ve picked us. Good choice. Our social media managers start by analysing your current social standing and that of your competitors. Then we crunch the numbers and compose a customised action plan that will maximise leads and sales through effective Facebook marketing techniques like paid ads.

Every part of our strategy is backed up with research and experience, and it’s built especially for you.

Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Ongoing expert social media management can be time-consuming, but we love it. We’ll get to work creating focused direct response Facebook ads that do what you want them to do – send the right traffic to your site to boost sales.

The experts at Impressive are masters in weaving Facebook ad campaigns that convert. Rely on us – We’re the social media marketing company Melbourne businesses are using to boost their business.



We want to stick around to see the gains from your new social media campaign. We continue to monitor the logistics of your adverts to see what’s been working and what needs a tweak, so your business never stops growing.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the fruits of our labour and see your Facebook reach grow with increased brand awareness in the digital space. Not only that, but the steady stream of leads you get from Facebook will see to it that your profits soar.


Any questions

Social media marketing FAQs

Social media marketing is a way to reach your customers in the digital sphere. It’s a way to connect with your target audience and get them excited about buying your products or services. You can use social media to build up hype around a new product launch, announce discounts and sales, or just create an overall buzz around your brand. It’s a great way to get your customers excited about what you have to offer!

We have a team of super savvy digital designers in-house. These guys work with our campaign strategists to develop socially tailored creative that is not only a great reflection of your brand, but also converts!

We’re all about transparency, so you’ll be able to access your ad accounts at any given time. It is a bit of a maze in there though, so in addition to your access, we’ll break down the campaign performance in our fortnightly catch-up calls. We also conduct monthly reporting catch-ups in person, where you’ll get a full summary of your campaign’s performance, clearly detailing all results and trends.

Unlike traditional media, social media is an incredibly cost-effective channel, it’s also measurable. With social media marketing you can measure the results from every ad that’s in-market, from the demographics of the people engaging, to which ads are converting. This means that you can easily measure success and ensure your marketing dollars are being well spent. The advanced insights also allow you to learn and tweak things for your next campaign to keep those conversions rolling in.

For small businesses, social media marketing is a great way to create brand awareness and target a specific audience. If you have a somewhat modest marketing budget, you can ensure that you are making every dollar count by only reaching those relevant customer segments.

We have different package options available that can be tailored to the needs of your business.

We don’t make promises on results as every business is different. We can however provide you with estimations based off our current clients – it’s very likely we’ve worked with a business just like yours!

While traditional advertising still has a place in some businesses’ marketing strategies, social media marketing is a must. Social media has remarkable capabilities to accurately segment your audience, meaning that you can focus your efforts on the relevant people. You don’t need to wait patiently, hoping that your target audience will stumble across your ads, you can go straight to them.

Social media marketing is also a lot cheaper than traditional marketing and gives you much more bang for your buck. Traditional ads reach a small percentage of your audience and cost a lot of money to create. 

With social media, you can spend less time worrying about your ad budget and more time improving your business.

Absolutely not, when you come on-board we’ll dive into your business and develop Social Ads that speak to who you are and why customers or clients should engage you. We tell this story not only through ad copy, but our creative also.

We’ll guide you here! The Social landscape is constantly changing, and although majority of our campaigns are currently run across Facebook and Instagram, this won’t always be the case. As the landscape changes, and we foresee new trends across our portfolio of clients, we’ll adapt your campaign to get you the best results.

This is different for every business and objective, chat to us about your business and we can determine where your marketing dollars are best invested. Like above, this can change over time!

We work with budgets from $1,000 a month to $100,000 a month. For our enterprise campaigns, we typically work to a minimum spend of $5,000 though we can provide a recommendation here based on the results you wish to achieve.

We get it—you’re not a social media expert, and you’re trying to figure out what the essentials are for a successful social media marketing strategy. You want to get your brand out there, but you don’t know where to start or what’s working for other brands. Well, the four main things to consider when formulating your strategy are:

  1. Knowing your audience inside out
  2. Understanding what you want to achieve
  3. Having a well thought out plan and sticking to it
  4. Analysing the results and using the insights to inform your next moves

As you can tell, there’s a lot that goes into each of these stages. All of which we can assist you with. We’ll help you define your brand’s voice, identify important audience segments, choose the correct channel, implement the strategy and analyse your results. Our team will make sure your business is always putting its best foot forward when it comes to social media marketing.

At Impressive, we know that the best way to build your brand is by understanding what your customers want and then, well… giving it to them. That’s why our team of experts stay on top of all the latest trends and developments in the social media space. We’re constantly listening, learning, and adapting so that our clients get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Plus when you work with us, you don’t have to worry about those pesky details—we’ll handle everything from creating content plans to analysing results so that you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.


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Amplify your strategy with social media services

Launch powerful marketing strategies using the right mix of platforms to amplify results. With dedicated social media experts working on every platform, you can expect smarter strategies, custom reporting and a fast revenue boost.

Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising

Integrated Facebook campaigns that are optimised in real-time and highly-relevant to your target audience.

Instagram advertising
Instagram advertising

Visual inspiration for your target audience through stories ads, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads and collection ads.

LinkedIn advertising
LinkedIn advertising

Effective LinkedIn ads that are optimised for every platform, designed to reach other organisations to drive leads and awareness.

YouTube advertising
YouTube advertising

Use detailed audience insights to advertise to your most valuable customers, and only pay for those that show interest in your brand.

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We analyse the market and your competitors’ social media strategies, to find ways to build the most effective strategy for you.

Unique growth strategy

We build a custom growth plan that covers social and other advertising avenues, to scale your marketing as you grow.

ROI projections

We predict the costs and returns you can expect, as well as an approximate time frame so you can visualise how your money will work.