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Programmatic SEO is for businesses looking to scale. It’s a strategy that focuses on creating hundreds or thousands of SEO-optimised pages through automation.

It’s all about targeting long-tail keyword-specific search queries and driving targeted traffic to your site. Programmatic SEO aims to make it as easy as possible for your customers to land on the right page and find the right answer to their questions.


    • There are nearly endless opportunities for your brand when you target long-tail keywords – they make up the bulk of search opportunities, but many businesses aren’t set up to target them in a meaningful way. That’s where Skailed™ Programmatic SEO can help – our specialists can harness those huge growth opportunities. Remember, if a user is searching long-tail keywords, they are usually closer to making a decision on your product: it’s in your best interest to target these profitable terms!

    • Our SEO specialists have been working with programmatic SEO for years. They’re pros at navigating a diverse strategy using Skailed™, that targets exactly what your business needs to encourage growth.

    • Skailed™ Programmatic SEO lets our specialists craft content strategies that evolves as the algorithm does. Our team will produce quality, informative content based on topic clusters suggested – making it easier to connect content and for people and search engines to find it. Content won’t remain static either – as new opportunities present themselves for optimisation, we’ll update it to make sure it is always pulling in the most relevant traffic.



Our Aim

Create a long-term SEO solution that can consistently get high-quality traffic to the Zanui website without having the depend on a few high-level categories.

For our work with Zanui, our SEO specialists created a wide-reaching programmatic SEO strategy. We aimed high: to get 1,000 long-tail keywords on page one and to generate 10,000 sessions (organic and paid) within the first six months of the launch.

Programmatic SEO is a complex strategy to implement. Few companies offer a ready-made solution. Our team of specialists worked with Zanui’s development engineers to build an in-house program that could complete the automated work required to create these pages. Our SEO specialists created a programmatic blueprint that served as the logic behind the tech, and the Zanui developers created and implemented it.


When you partner with Impressive on a Skailed™ Programmatic SEO strategy, here is what you can expect:

End-to-end Programmatic SEO consultation: We talk you through what strategy will work best for you.

Detailed automation blueprint: We provide the logic so your web development team can build a custom solution to carry out the programmatic SEO strategy. We also provide a blueprint for ongoing maintenance required to your site once the strategy has launched.

Flow Charts depicting the automation process: Visual guides for your team to follow
Support: We’re there alongside your web development team, supporting them through the implementation of the software solution and the testing stage

Performance reporting: Our specialists provide monthly and quarterly information for your to see how the programmatic SEO strategy is developing Custom SEO optimisation of top performing automation landing pages

Hear it from our clients

This project has been a game-changer for us. With 100,000+ products across 350+ categories, our key pages ranked well, but Google often struggled to find the best page for very niche search terms. It would often select product pages, as we had no meaningful way to target extremely detailed searches, which are the most highly converting terms.

Terms like “Mango Wood Coffee Tables” have gone from position 1,100+ to position 3. “Black Rattan Furniture” has moved from position 100+ to 8, and “Blue Dining Chairs” from 100+ to position 9.

We were able to dynamically create thousands of highly relevant pages that require no additional ongoing work for the team, but deliver a great customer experience. The conversion rates on these pages are much higher than on traditional landing pages.

Not only have these pages been good for SEO, but we’ve also used them for our SEM campaigns, delivering better quality scores and improving our ROAS—an unexpected extra bonus of this business-changing step up.

Fraser Gardener

CEO @ Zanui


Programmatic SEO is a specialist service – what works for one business won’t work for all, even if you’re in a similar industry. Changes to AI technology may affect how well programmatic SEO strategies work in the future, and you’ll need to make sure you have the tech support to maintain your pages and adapt as needed.
We created Skailed™ Programmatic SEO to ensure we’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to updating, adapting and providing this specialist service to businesses, no matter what innovations lie ahead. Partner with us and take advantage of skilled programmatic SEO specialists driving your strategy.

The best way to know if programmatic SEO is for you? Talking with our SEO Specialists.


We’re a performance agency that likes to do things our way – and that includes our SEO strategies.

  1. Start your keyword research and develop a content plan
  2. Create a page template for all your new automated pages
  3. Collect your data
  4. Build your database
  5. Build your CMS collection and page template
  6. Connect your website and database
  7. Test and adjust as required

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