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Episode 8: How Will Artificial Intelligence Change SEO & Content Marketing?

Join Us as we Discuss AI & the Future of Digital Marketing

One thing that digital marketers can’t avoid thinking about right now is Artificial Intelligence. While some people are shaking at the thought of losing their jobs to robots, others think we’ll always be safe, with robots only complementing our work, not taking it completely.

We gathered a couple of Impressive’s AI enthusiasts to discuss the possibilities for our industry. What can we expect to happen in the future? What’s already happening?

With so much new technology being released at lightning speed, it’s never been more important to stay ahead of the game.

“The milkman is back…and it’s a DRONE!” – Jesse Laier

Meet Nadia & Jesse

Nadia Dore-Wheeler, Content Specialist, and Jesse Laier, Inbound Marketing Executive, both hailing from America to bring their marketing expertise to Melbourne, join us for a chat this week.

Don’t miss the conversation, which will focus on:

  • What is AI, exactly? (2:24)
  • What are the limitations of AI? (5:07)
  • Who is more powerful – humans or robots? (6:05)
  • Should humans be worried for our jobs? (7:27)
  • How we can expect AI to change the way SEO works (10:33)
  • How can SEO specialists and content writers adapt to the technology? (13:80)
  • The difference between AI and machine learning (15:53)
  • What is predictive SEO? (18:43)

“So many science-fiction tropes are coming into play, which is terrifying but exciting.” – Nadia Dore-Wheeler

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Jesse referred back to episode 7 of The Impressive Digital Marketer, where our hosts discussed what they learned about AI from AdWeek. If you missed that episode, feel free to go back and have a listen.

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