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Episode 7: Key Takeaways from AdWeek 2018

Impressive Talks Modern Marketing & AdWeek Takeaways

We were lucky enough to get to hang out in Sydney last month for Advertising Week. The mind-blowing event was full of insightful tips and workshops from industry experts, so it’s safe to say we went away bursting with new ideas and concepts in the digital marketing world.

While the event is still fresh in our minds, we thought we would share what we learned with our listeners. Who needs to trawl through hundreds of articles online, when you can just catch up with us to hear about all the latest marketing news?!

Discussing the importance of brand, omnichannel approaches, the emergence of AI and lots more, let’s see what the speakers at AdWeek had to say. With presenters from names like Google, Instagram and Facebook, this is advice you don’t want to miss.

“Brand is the foundation of a good campaign and a good business.” – Caleb Wynne

Meet Caleb, Nicole & Kayla


For the first time in The Impressive Digital Marketer podcast, we’ve got three people joining the conversation. Who better to talk about some of the most interesting parts of AdWeek than the people that went along?

Caleb, Impressive’s Account Director, is joined by Nicole and Kayla, both Social Media Specialists. All three work together to create killer strategies for Impressive’s clients.

In this chat, they’ll discuss:

  • Why ‘brand’ is still so important in digital marketing (1:48)
  • Where is your audience now, and how do they behave? (3:55)
  • How video is the most engaging and predominant channel (5:35)
  • The meaning of the emerging story arch in video (6:31)
  • The importance of being an early-adopter of new technologies (9:09)
  • Why campaigns can be so unpredictable (11:26)
  • Some unusual Burger King campaigns that took off (12:37)
  • Jeff Goodby’s genius Cheetos campaign (14:48)
  • The power of an omnichannel approach (17:15)
  • How AI is set to change the digital landscape (18:40)
  • How to use AI for your small business (21:13)

“Long gone are the days where a banner ad would stop you in your tracks. A video gets so much more out there, so much quicker.” – Kayla Dancaster

Episode Resources

We managed to catch up with some key speakers at the event, so for even more insights, check out our video interviews and key takeaways at AdWeek.

We talked about some amazing campaigns for huge global brands in this episode and it’s always easier to get an idea when you see the products for yourself. Here is the Dior video advertisement that Nicole discussed, where it takes the viewer on a journey with Natalie Portman. With a climax as early as 2 seconds in, this is the “emerging story arch” in action:

Burger King truly takes consumer engagement to the next level in their campaigns: How Far Would You Not Go for a Whopper? and in their creepy video promoting free Whoppers for anyone that went to their restaurant dressed as a clown at Halloween.

You can also find out more about the Cheetos ‘What Do you See?’ campaign that gave out huge cash rewards for any customers that found something famous in their Cheetos.

“At some point, AI is going to surpass human marketing intelligence.” – Nicole Craig

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