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The Top 5 AI Tools Marketers Need

It’s not so long ago that AI was the stuff of science fiction. From the Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick joint project – named A.I. – to the super-smart HAL system in 2001: A Space Odyssey, artificial intelligence has inspired and scared us in almost equal measure for decades. Nowadays, AI is very much part of our reality. While robotic humanoids and sentient computer networks are not things most of us have to worry about just yet, most of us interact with some kind of AI on a daily basis.

For marketers, AI is not just something to interact with – it’s something they can use to their advantage. Let’s take a look at the top 5 AI tools marketers need as they perfect their craft and optimise results.

  1. Jasper.ai

Best for Content production

Jasper is designed to take the sting out of writing and producing content for your business. When you want to create an informative article for your audience to engage with, Jasper becomes a handy, AI-powered writing assistant that makes the journey much easier.

Choose from various templates to develop the piece of content your business needs, and then add inspirational text you find during your research. The AI will draw upon this to create a set of unique options for your content. Select the ideal option for your requirements, and start building your paragraphs. Jasper won’t create content all by itself, but it will certainly help you produce engaging, professional-sounding pieces with ease and speed.

  1. Adverity

Best for Making sense of marketing data

Your marketing campaigns thrive on data, but with so many different data sources and points to juggle, making sense of this data can be tricky. Enter, Adverity. This tool brings together data from a range of different sources, building a centralised store for you and your marketing team to work from.

But Adverity is not some inert storage system. It’s an artificially intelligent resource, utilising data governance principles to make sure you are working on high-quality data that is fully comprehensive, complete, and relevant. For many marketers, this is a must-have tool.

  1. Drift

Best for: Expert support

Chatbots have undergone a renaissance recently. Once upon a time, these AI-powered support applications were hated by users who preferred speaking to a human staff member rather than a robot. However, technology has advanced enormously, and now these artificial assistants are highly sought after – especially among users who need quick and reliable answers to their queries.

Drift uses natural language processing and keyword recognition to interpret human queries and provide swift responses. You’ll still need a human support team, but this tool can be great for giving that extra level of support to VIP customers or easing the workload for your human personnel.

  1. Albert.ai

Best for: Optimising advertising

The creators of Albert.ai say that they are all about ‘data-powered creativity’ – essentially bringing data and AI-based concepts to bear on the creative process of advertisers and marketers. This tool assists marketers as they personalise and optimise the content they create for their ads, tailoring this content for specific platforms, whether these are search platforms, social media platforms, or other ad hosts.

The idea is to make fostering those all-important connections with customers and leads easier. If advertisers can make these connections, they can streamline the journey to conversion.

  1. Brand24

Best for: Getting to know what your audience thinks

As your brand grows, people start talking about you online. Not just people, but organisations too – everyone from social media users to bloggers and news outlets might be mentioning your business. You need to know all about the nature of these mentions as you discover just what people really think of you and your company.

Brand24 tracks down these mentions for you, giving you valuable insight into your brand reputation. The platform also utilises AI tools to gauge user sentiment and opinion, helping you understand exactly how your brand is performing online. You’ll gain the power to respond to negative mentions, enhancing your organisation’s profile.

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