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Episode 25: Impressive’s Top 5 Digital Marketing Hacks Pt. 2

Want to Save Time and Simplify Your Business?

When you’re a business owner, you have so many things going on. From messages to orders, there’s always something that’s fighting for your attention. It can be difficult to decide which task needs sorting out first!

Luckily, there are tools out there that can help free up your time and give you some much-needed breathing room. Our experts from last week return to share with you some more digital marketing hacks that they’ve spent hours sourcing.

“If you can condense and simplify your operation, it’s going to flow onto the other areas of the business, give you more mental clarity, and even simple apps can help you do that.” – Chris Gryg.

Meet Russ & Chris

Today’s episode features Group Account Director Chris Gryg and Senior Strategist Russ Macumber once more for top 5 digital marketing hacks part 2. Chris shares with us his choices, focusing predominantly on valuable tools for eCommerce businesses – an area he’s well experienced in.

Chris’ Top 5 Digital Marketing Hacks

  1. CrushPix (2:10) – An app that automatically optimises your images, including adjusting sizes, changing alt tags and even renaming them. A must for any eCommerce store.
  2. Bold Upsell (3:19) – Another app that allows you to manually select other purchase suggestions once your customer has added a product to your cart. Can also be connected to Bold Brain, which will automatically match products for you.
  3. Bulk Product Edit by Hextom (5:35) – Applies bulk edits to any element of your Shopify store, such as updating the price across multiple descriptions, as well as tags, titles and more.
  4. Price Mole (7:09) – Allows you to use dynamic pricing and to monitor competitor prices. This means you can automatically adjust your prices based on your competitors.
  5. AdEspresso (8:45) – Connects Facebook, Google Ads and other ad-based platforms, and allows you to split team multiple ad sets.

Honourable Mentions (9:55)

  • Loom – A simple to use screen and video recording software to share with clients or team members for more complex servicing offerings.
  • OneTab – Condenses all your tabs into one tab and arranges all the tabs that were open in order.

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