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Episode 24: Impressive’s Top 5 Digital Marketing Hacks Pt. 1

Do You Have a Digital Marketing Problem That Needs Solving?

As a business owner, it can be tough work finding the time to manage your digital marketing. With so many moving parts, there’s a whole heap of problems that could crop up. Whether a campaign needs optimising or some technical problems are occuring, who has time to fix every little issue that comes along?

Thankfully, some of our experts are here to help. With years of experience in finding and solving these types of “problems”, they want to share with you some of the digital marketing hacks they’ve learned over time.

Small to medium businesses are wearing all these different hats, and you don’t necessarily have an IT person… I guess it’s putting on that problem solver hat and going okay, this needs to be easier.” – Russ Macumber.

Meet Russ & Chris

In today’s episode, we cover part 1 of Russ and Chris’ top 5 digital marketing hacks. Senior Strategist (and soon to be local Texan) Russ Macumber talks to Group Account Director Chris Gryg, sharing their tools of the trade and reminiscing over some of their experiences using them.

Russ’ Top 5 Digital Marketing Hacks

  1. Facebook Pixel Helper (8:36) – An easy Chrome plug-in to see if your pixel is firing properly.
  2. Keywords Everywhere (10:40) – Another Chrome plug-in that provides keyword suggestions, integrated straight into the Google search results.
  3. Ahrefs (11:57) – A valuable SEO tool, great for checking backlink profiles and more.
  4. SEMrush (13:21) – The industry standard for digital marketers, great for competitor analysis and more.
  5. Wappalyzer (14:27) – Another Chrome plug-in that shares a full tech status audit on any website.

Honourable Mentions (15:36)

  • Loom
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Facebook Ad Library
  • Roundee

Stay Tuned for Pt. 2!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about Russ’s top 5 digital marketing hacks! Our next episode will share Chris’s choices, which promise to be just as helpful! To sign up for our podcast, head to iTunes or Stitcher – and don’t forget to leave us a review.

If you want to learn more about the range of tools the team at Impressive us, or if you’d like to get some more hands-on help solving your digital marketing problems, please get in touch on 1300 191 943 today.


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A comprehensive audit

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Unique growth strategy

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