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Impressive does Melbourne Fashion Week

It was all go, go, go in the world of Impressive last week.

Busy, but fun, and we’ve mainly got Melbourne Fashion Week to thank for that.

Sure, every week is fun at Impressive (this is not a sponsored post!), BUT last week had us feeling all kind of ways. Engaged, inspired and excited – and nope, we’re not talking about our new Spring/Summer wardrobe.

In fact, we’re feeling more inspired than ever by the ever-entwined world of digital and eCommerce.

Put it this way, Melbourne Fashion Week might have wrapped up, but this year, we’re taking a lot away with us.

From thought provoking talks with industry leaders (and total fashionistas) to runway shows and exclusive chats with some of the biggest names in the Australian fashion industry, we’ve had a ball.

MISHA, Billy J, Ministry of Style, Le Tan – we work with a lot of eCommerce brands.

And we love it.

Just like the digital space, the world of fashion and beauty is always evolving.

Keen to remain ahead of the curve, we headed to a talk ‘Creating Engaging Social Content’ at the Mercedes Me Store in the CBD to listen to all things social and branding, presented by the team at Creative Victoria.

So… who was there?

A pretty Impressive panel – excuse the pun.

We joined fashion journalist and editor at VoxFrock Janice Breen Burns, Creative Director at VICE, Royce Akers (seriously!), Head of Content at Mecca, and leading fashion photographer and influencer, Karen Woo.

Here, they discussed the importance of high-quality social media content for brands and the best way to engage with your audience.

The panel were simply asked ‘What does it take to make good content?’ and the general consensus was pretty surprising.

No more posting at certain times, striking the perfect pose, choosing an aesthetically superior filter that makes your grid appear perfectly planned! Instead, the talk turned to the idea of being ‘real’ and ‘authentic’.

But what does that even mean in a world where you’re looking at a screen?

Here are some of the key points that really stood out:

  • Royce Akers “Realism cuts through the noise in an oversaturated market”.
  • Zara Wong “Good content is something that gives you a strong emotional reaction”.
  • Karen Woo “A perfect feed is like a glass ceiling that you just can’t cut through”.


And we’re on board. BUT, if you’re a brand, how do you come across as real? That’s the real challenge…

For starters, it’s clear that there’s no magic rule when it comes to social media, especially Instagram.

Instead of spending time focusing on perfecting a grid that only around 5-10% of people will actually look at, focus on creating content that actually resonates with people.

Zara Wong mentioned a MECCA campaign that had received a lot of traction was ‘#MYMECCASKIN: WENDY NGUYEN’S CALMING ROUTINE FOR ECZEMA’.

While most people have heard of eczema, you don’t often see celebrities or influencers talking about it in the way that they would about that ‘lit from within’ type of glow that a dreamy highlighter can give you.

Mecca decided to change that.

The team created a campaign featuring beauty influencer Wendy Nguyen. Dealing with the skin condition since her university years, Wendy discussed her own tips and tricks to reducing and calming symptoms. With over 800,000 Australians dealing with eczema every day, what better way to resonate with your consumer than by sharing the skin care routine of a beauty icon who’s suffering with the same skin concern?


Smart move. And it paid off.

It’s clear to see that all kinds of brands are moving away from the perfectly preened social media style that was trending a few years ago.

Effectively, people’s behaviour changes all the time, which is why your brand needs to be flexible enough to adapt and give consumers what they want.

walk the runway

Next, we were invited by our client Michelle Aznavorian, Founder and Creative Director of MISHA to watch MISHA walk the runway.

Another casual day in the Impressive office…

MISHA (formerly known as MISHA Collection) was founded back in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. In fact, the brand is moving forward, and we’re excited to be a part of the evolution.

Serving up powerful tailoring, structured silhouettes and unique occasion-wear to women all over the globe, MISHA is a brand that has effortlessly adapted to its customers wants and needs, while appealing to new customers along the way.

With the website having an edgier revamp and dropping the ‘collection’ from its name, we asked Michelle why the changes for MISHA?

“I think it’s important as an international brand to be flexible and adapt over time” – isn’t that the truth! 

And, thanks to international models like the Hadid sisters wearing the label, customers in the US market are more engaged than ever with the brand.

Did someone say world domination?

Fresh content, a collection that exudes modern femininity and a tailored marketing strategy (courtesy of yours truly) make up the world of MISHA. 

Catch our chat with Michelle below:

On the night, we also got a chance to catch our clients Torrance walking the runway… and managed to walk away with a goodie bag from Mecca (perk after perk, we’re not complaining!).

All in all, another amazing week for the Australian fashion labels at Melbourne Fashion Week – we’re already excited for next year!

What’s next for Impressive? We’re working with a lot of new, exciting brands, and we can’t wait to help them take on the fashion industry in 2020.

Want to know more? Check out our podcast where we talk all things Melbourne Fashion Week!


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