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How to Get Your Business Black Friday Ready

Is Your Business Ready for Black Friday?

Potentially the biggest sales opportunity for eCommerce businesses the world over, Black Friday is THE SALE. And when rolled into Christmas, it can mean the difference between an average season finale and a stellar conclusion in annual sales.

Why settle for mediocrity? Why not make sure you absolutely blitz Black Friday with a campaign that’ll bring on the bedlam?

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Here are our top 6 recommendations to get your business Black Friday ready.

Getting your EDMs sorted

Email marketing should absolutely undergird all your Black Friday outputs. Not only will you need to let your existing database know that you’re having a sale, but you can create a series of personalised emails that grab their attention where it counts (not to mention new shoppers who may just love your stuff).

Ensure you create EDMs that speak to particular demographics and meet them where they’re at. From retargeted emails to special offers based on previous shopping behaviours, you’ll have all sorts of data at your disposal to help you refine your strategy to the point where conversions will be inevitable.

Create a sense of scarcity with hourly deals:

This tactic can be part of your EDMs or any other platform you’re thinking of engaging. Either way, ensure that your copy and imagery create a sense of scarcity, prodding your audience to act in your favour in record time.

People hate missing out, so having wording like “limited items available” or even a timer sitting atop a purchaser’s shopping cart, will put pressure on them to act faster. By having these facets across all your channels, purchasers will take your offer more seriously and move in step with you guidance. You’ll have buyers on the move and sales coming in quicker than usual.


Gift guide blogs

Make sure your blogs get a little love too! While it’s great to be able to see everything your store has to offer in an online shop, make purchasing decisions easier for your customers by having gift guides on your blog. (Note: These can also be pushed out via EDM)

The best means of choosing the right guides to create is by studying your purchasers (or particular groups you want to reach) and tailoring your offering to them. New mums will be keen to have a squiz at a newborn baby gift guide, young men may be partial to a guide that shows them the latest and greatest in urban streetwear. No matter your offering or target demographic, ensure your blogs are pushing out guides that make their buying decisions that much easier!

Hashtags on social/fleek

Whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, make sure you’re optimising your hashtags to extend your reach.

For example, did you know that 30% of Instagram users say they’ve bought items they’ve discovered on the platform, straight up? That’s a pretty sizeable chunk that could lead to even more sales if they end up following you and enjoy their buying experience. Be sure to include the #blackfriday hashtag on all of your related posts as well as #blackfridaysale, #blackfriday2019 and anything applicable to your brand.

Increase Your Ad Spend

Once the Black Friday weekend is prepped and ready to roll in, be sure to extend even more budget to your ads just before the main event. Whether it’s on your Google Shopping ads, Facebook ads, Instagram, they’ll need to be fully optimised and monitored all along the way as they will be more expensive on the actual day. By prepping everything in advance you’ll have enough time to optimise for conversions and tweak things where need be.

Get your coupons, discounts and special deals SORTED

What better way to convert people who may be sitting on the fence than by offering them incentives to do their shopping with you! By having a variety of specials and discount codes at the ready, you’ll be able to persuade a larger amount of people to buy from you, especially if they’re still in the valley of decision.


We’d recommend having a discount code available for new visitors as well as anyone who’s abandoned cart.

Furthermore, while you may have repeat purchasers keen to buy from you again, why not give them a “lil’ sumthin sumthin’ for being so loyal. It’ll strengthen your existing relationship with them and keep them coming back for more further down the track. Now that’s customer care at it’s finest.

These are just a few recommendations that’ll help you get Black Friday ready, but there’s plenty more where that came from. What about mystery savings? Useful apps to streamline the process? Content ideas, hourly deals and free gift incentives? We’ve only just scratched the surface, so if you’re keen to make sure your campaign is fully optimised to ensure plenty of success, get in touch with the team at Impressive today.

We’ll set yourself up for an incredible end of the year with a consultation that help get the ball rolling for your stellar Black Friday result. 


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