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Brands Nailing their Marketing with Facebook Messenger Chatbots

The cross-over to year 2020 is underway, which means we’re basically living in the future now, right?

While we might still be waiting for flying cars, space tourism and little pills that give us all the calories, nutrition and satisfaction that a proper meal does, we have made heaps of other advancements. Especially in the field of marketing.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are slowly trickling into the strategies of innovative brands in Australia and worldwide – and we’re on board. That’s because, when properly deployed, the potential of these bots is mind-blowing.

Enter the robots.


Which brands are using Facebook Messenger chatbots properly?

You’ve probably heard: bots are the future of marketing.

They present a massive opportunity for businesses like yours to up their game, not only in digital marketing, but also in customer service.

Ideal for attracting new clientele and retaining existing customers, all you need to launch a bot of your own is a little inspiration, the right tools and maybe the help of a marketing agency in Melbourne.

The best place to look for inspo is to brands that are already nailing their marketing with Facebook Messenger chatbots, hailing from a wide variety of industries.

Here are some of our favourites.

The fast food hero: Domino’s

Domino’s is leading the takeaway pizza industry, becoming the first company of its kind to enable ordering through its Facebook Messenger bots. Brought to Australia in 2017, their bot DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) allows users to create a new order or reorder their favourites, without leaving the messenger app.

Not only does DRU bring a more streamlined way to get your teeth into some cheesy doughy goodness, it’s also been programmed to offer advice and upsell to customers. So, if there’s a promotion on for, say, garlic bread, DRU can use its cute conversational skills to boost sales.

This saves time for staff on the phones, so they can focus on making pizzas.

A brand that likes to stay ahead of the curve, Domino’s CEO said they would be leveraging AI and machine learning “across all of our future developments”. They even delivered a pizza by drone in 2016!

Your travel companion: Skyscanner

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“We knew we wanted to go to South East Asia and the cheapest flights to the region from the UK were to the island of Bali, so that was that, we booked our flights to Bali and off we went! We spent the next four weeks there, exploring beautiful beaches in Uluwatu, climbing a volcano and watching our favourite sunrise to date, over the famous Mount Agung, as well as visiting wondrous waterfalls and lush green rice terraces in Ubud. After an amazing time in Bali, we took the speedboat over to the neighbouring Gili Islands to see what else Indonesia had to offer. We took advantage of the beautiful white sandy beaches, went snorkelling with turtles in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoyed some of our most incredible sunsets with a cold cocktail in hand. Next on our agenda was the island of Lombok. We spent our last few days discovering its jungle and secluded beaches, taking surfing lessons and really experiencing the Indonesian way of life.” – Jack and Becky (@twotickets.toanywhere) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• We asked five travellers to share their best travel experiences. These are their stories. 📍: Tegallalang, Bali •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #visitbali #ig_bali #tegallalang #ricefieldsbal #wonderfulbali #thisisbali #southeastasia #explorebali

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Flying the flag for the travel industry, in 2016, Skyscanner launched the first ever Facebook Messenger bot that allows users to search for flights and even pick up some travel inspiration.

It took them 42 days in total to build the bot (but with the technology available now, you could cut down that time even more.) 

The bot is designed to engage in natural-sounding conversation with the user, so you can let it know when you want to travel, and whether you’ll get a better deal if you jet to Bali or the Philippines. Think of it as your personal travel agent in the palm of your hand.

Our favourite feature? “Search anywhere”. If you’re not sure where to go, the bot will simply ask where you’re flying from and bring up some handy ideas.

For whatever reason, Skyscanner’s bot is no longer live, though for the speed and convenience it offers travellers, we have a feeling it could make a comeback.

The non-profit campaign: UNICEF



UNICEF, a charity that fights for children’s rights, spotted a unique way to incorporate Messenger bots into its campaigns.

It launched U-Report to make it easier for people around the world to access information about the issues that matter and share their own opinions. Messenger users can sign up to become a U-Reporter, which involves responding to polls, speaking out and supporting children’s rights. 

U-Report is active in 60 countries, connecting young people with organisations, so they can make a difference. This innovative use of AI provides a free, easy platform for the public to have their say and get involved in a cause they care about.

The winner of the gaming world: Activision

gaming world

The publishers behind Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare levelled up during the game’s 2016 release. 

They built a Facebook Messenger bot that took on the character Lt. Reyes. In just the first 24 hours of Lt. Reyes logging on, the bot exchanged more than 6 million conversations with its fans.

Engagement was high; so was excitement for the release.

The genius was that it gave fans an inside look into what they could expect, by getting up-close and personal with one of the characters. Bots are opening up a whole new realm of marketing for gaming brands and the forward-thinkers of the industry are really capitalising on the possibilities.

Should you launch a Facebook Messenger chatbot?

The figures say it all. The average Aussie uses the Facebook Messenger app every day, running around 5 conversations at any one time. 78% of them leave on notifications, meaning you can engage in your customers in new ways, more efficiently than ever before. 

When your customers don’t want to pick up the phone, launch Google Chrome or open a new app, a quick chat on Facebook offers them a sleek alternative. Your audience wants (and expects) better service that harnesses the latest technology, so leave your competitors in the dark ages and get stuck into Artificial Intelligence and automation for your brand.

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