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3 Examples that Fashion Shows and Content Marketing Belong Together

Some of the finest examples of content marketing appear in the fashion world. Major brands like Vogue, Black Milk and Nasty Gal have excellent, innovative approaches to content marketing and brand promotion that any budding fashionista could learn from.

Content marketing is about innovation and engaging your audience in ways that no other brand has managed before. The fashion world is highly competitive, thrives on new ideas and often benefits from controversial ad campaigns. Remember 15 year old Brooke Shields selling Calvin Klein Jeans?

Here are three examples of why fashion and content marketing work together so well, which will show anyone looking to break into the field how they can take advantage of the perfect pairing.

Social media campaigns

One of the biggest breakthroughs in fashion advertising has been the decision to use ordinary Facebookers and Instagrammers to sell their brands. This has proved such a lucrative decision because fashion designers never even needed to pay the people modelling their clothes.

Social media is simply one giant conversation, and a lot of the chatter is going on between brands and their customers. Social media campaigns are designed to involve the customers in selling the brand’s image and products in a way that still gives something to the customer. Take a look at Black Milk’s category pages and you’ll find hundreds of Instagram pictures of people wearing the brand’s attire.

Smart brands recognise that social media is free advertising. Especially when the customer enjoys getting involved.

Fashion blogs

Aside from perhaps foodie blogs, fashion blogs are some of the most popular ones out there. This is because fashion is such a broad topic, and it fits perfectly with social media’s popularity. Fashion blogs can include personal style tips, beauty tips, travel, event reporting and what clothing goes with seasonal changes.

A post on This Moment shows how influential a good fashion blogger can be, by pointing out that Chiari Ferragni, AKA ‘The Blond Salad’, is an independent writer whose number of followers on Instagram exceeds Vogue, a 100+ year old fashion giant.

Writing on fashion is a great way to get creative, showcase your personality and advertise a personal brand or even get recognised by a bigger company.

Speaking directly to your audience

This is an interesting idea discussed in a post over at Distilled. Using fashion company Zara as an example, they show how Zara advertises without a blog or any other traditional content marketing techniques. Their approach is more ‘anti-content marketing’.

Knowing what their customers want, Zara simply posts on their social media accounts a new item of clothing or a sale and when it will be available. They hashtage heavily, post photos and let the word spread on its own.

Zara’s approach shows that not all brands need to use content to advertise. Sometimes the straight shooting, almost old-fashioned approach is both more respectful to the audience and more useful. And, befitting the typical trajectory of successful fashion brands, Zara is going against the grain.

Innovation, communication and presentation. Keep these things in mind when promoting your own fashion brand, especially if you lean heavily on eCommerce.


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