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Ep 48: Louis Grenier – Everyone Hates Marketers

“I wanted to take a big risk. I was sick of trying to do traditional stuff and trying to be this watered-down version of myself wearing a three-piece suit as a marketing consultant and all this bullshit.” – Louis Grenier

Founder of popular contrarian marketing podcast Everyone Hates Marketers Louis Grenier has made a name for himself busting marketing myths. Part-time podcaster and part-time consultant, Louis splits his time between the microphone and the boardroom, helping business-owners cut through the bull and develop effective strategies built on common-sense and transparency.

With experience at firms from Dropbox to Hotjar and a loyal global following of CEOs and founders through his workshops and consulting, Louis brings his unique viewpoint on marketing to Growth Masters.

“What I’m trying to do is give the right pointers, based on evergreen first principles on marketing which will always work because they’re rooted in psychology.” – Louis Grenier


Louis Grenier has seen every corner of the marketing world, from lean start-ups to flourishing multinational companies, and he wanted something different. Through his podcast, educational workshops and consulting services, Louis works to fight marketing bullshit, giving entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers the tips they need to achieve results that last.

In this broad-reaching conversation, Rob and Louis talk about the genesis of Everyone Hates Marketers, the reality of marketing in 2021, how to make your product Stand The F*ck Out and the importance of working with purpose and focus.

“I had my own agency and one of the things I struggled with the most is that you’re being expected to reach huge objectives but on the other hand you’re not given the tools to do it.” – Louis Grenier

The conversation covers:

  • Louis’ marketing journey (1:10)
  • The goal of Everyone Hates Marketers (3:30)
  • The ‘V’ word (6:00)
  • One cog in a very big engine (7:00)
  • The origins of a ‘very controversial’ podcast (9:00)
  • I’m gonna be 100% myself (12:00)
  • Being radically different (15:00)
  • Stand The F*ck Out (17:00)
  • Are you doing what you’re doing with purpose? (19:45)
  • The importance of vulnerability and self-reflection (25:00)
  • Blue ocean bullshit (26:45)
  • You can’t be good at bloody everything (30:00)
  • Niching down (33:45)
  • The next three years twelve months three months (37:00)
  • Top three actionable tips for renegades (40:15)


Louis Grenier offers listeners years of experience in marketing and a refreshing frankness that helps them zero in on what’s really important, helping businesses achieve the radical differentiation they need to succeed in a crowded market.

Want to learn more? Have questions for Louis? Get in touch with him via LinkedIn or by email: [email protected].

“Marketing experts will tell it’s so important to stand out, it’s business critical, you must differentiate yourself, yet no one is telling you how to actually do it.” – Louis Grenier

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