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Episode 20: Santi Vela Talks Personal Branding

The Importance of Marketing Automation & Personal Branding

Santi Vela from PACCAR Inc., the company behind DAF and Kenworth trucks, has kindly agreed to join us today to discuss marketing automation, share of voice and personal branding. These are three key areas that Santi is well-versed in and are something that every marketer and business owner should understand.

PACCAR Inc. is a manufacturing company with annual revenues reported in the area of $19 billion. Despite that, the information in this podcast can be transferred to both small and large businesses.

“Technology will not work if people and processes are not in alignment.”  – Santi Vela

Meet Sami & Santi

Sami Khan is an Account Success Manager at Impressive and he works closely with Santi on their digital campaign, in order to help grow his business. Santi spearheads the digital marketing wing for PACCAR Inc. and has built his own personal brand, too, making a great name for himself in the industry.

We’re delighted he joined us to share his insights, and in this episode, Sami will be finding out Santi’s thoughts on the following topics:

  • Santi’s role and growth journey so far at PACCAR Inc. (1:36)
  • What is digital transformation? (3:23)
  • Marketing automation with HubSpot (6:18)
  • How HubSpot achieve SOV (share of voice) (7:40)
  • How businesses can produce valuable content and stay fresh in their customers’ minds (9:00)
  • Why personal branding is critical for business objectives (10:12)
  • The PLC (product life cycle) (12:13)
  • The value of branding and advice for new businesses (14:18)

“HubSpot is not a short-term activity. It’s a philosophy; it’s a practice.” – Santi Vela

Connect with Us

For further information on anything we’ve touched on today, head to Santi Vela’s website or reach out to him via his LinkedIn page. Santi is happy to chat about anything related to marketing automation and digital transformation, so don’t hesitate to connect!

Head to the HubSpot resource centre where you’ll find some free tools discussed by Sami, too.

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