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Episode 16: Comparing the Marketing of Luxury Fashion Brands to Brands like ASOS

Are Luxury Brands Doing Social Media Right?

It’s no secret that global luxury fashion brands have all the budget they could want to market their sought-after clothes, shoes and accessories. So, why is it that we see so little of them on social media, the fashion industry’s favourite channel?

Diving into common marketing techniques from both high-end and more affordable brands, with inside knowledge about a leading UK premium designer, we’ll be analysing what brands are doing well – and not so well – online.

“How do you compete with Dolce & Gabbana, if you just don’t have Dolce & Gabbana money?” – Christopher Best

Meet Chris & Nicolette

Chris Best and Nicolette Georgiou are joining us today to discuss two things they’re passionate about; fashion and marketing. With vast experience in both industries, this duo knows what they’re talking about.

This episode will cover:

  • The more common techniques in fashion marketing (1:09)
  • Do high-end brands need marketing, or do they sell themselves? (2:26)
  • How a high-end shoe brand nailed a PR campaign (3:00)
  • What is a nano-influencer & how useful are they? (9:54)
  • High-street vs high-end customers (15:28)
  • The rarity of user-generated content and luxury brands (17:10)
  • Why we don’t hear much from luxury brands on social (18:00)
  • Why ASOS do so well at reaching out to their target audience (20:24)

“Nothing says ‘exclusive’ like staying silent.” – Nicolette Georgiou

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Hopefully this episode cleared up a few things about why high-end brands often prefer to “save it for the runway” rather than plaster themselves across social media.

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