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Ep 40: Rad Mitic – Combatting Fake Reviews

Sick of bogus, fake reviews from competitors?

Or maybe you’re struggling to find ways to encourage positive reviews from happy customers. Either way, reviews are a crucial part of running a successful business.

Host, Robert Tadros, and guest, Rad Mitic from TrustPilot, discuss how to combat fake reviews and other review platform tips for businesses big and small to accelerate growth and come out on top.

“You need to have social proof. It’s such a big thing right now. If you don’t have a review strategy, customers are going to buy from your competitors who do.” – Rad Mitic

Latest Insights From Trustpilot’S Partner Manager, Rad Mitic.

Highly motivated sales professional, Rad Mitic, has been with TrustPilot for over 2 years, working with agency and tech partners across Australia to maximise the value of reviews for clients. Trust pilot has changed the way the platform has responded and combatted fake reviews, ensuring a positive experience for both customer and company.

Bringing people and business together, digital marketing and social proofing go hand-in-hand. By providing a full-picture view of what a business can offer and how their services or products are received by customers, buyers can make a more informed decision — every time.

“At the end of the day we want someone to have a genuine experience when leaving a review. We don’t want people to manipulate and that’s why we are transparent on how people are reviewing to build that trust.” – Rad Mitic

The conversation covers:

  • Trust Pilot initiatives that are used to combat fake reviews (1:00)
  • How reviews can affect small businesses (3:00)
  • The downfall of positive or negative fake reviews (4:00)
  • Be more innovative than your competition instead of leaving them a bad review (6:00)
  • Aligning your culture with your partners (10:00)
  • Making sure the review experience is genuine (12:00)
  • Google review crack down (14:00)
  • Flagging fake reviews: Google is getting quicker (16:00)
  • Don’t be afraid of negative reviews. Instead find ways to make the situation better (20:00)
  • How businesses respond to a negative experiences is just as important (24:00)
  • What’s the scoop on incentivising customers to leave reviews? (27:00)
  • What does the tech look like from Trust Pilot’s perspective (29:00)
  • How digital marketing and online reviews complement each other (31:00)
  • 3 hacks for businesses to accelerate growth through a review platform (34:00)

Be proactive on review platforms

Social proofing is a necessary part of any marketing strategy and helps brands: build trust, influence purchasing decisions and convince people to buy.

While you can’t always control what people include in their review, you can take initiative and respond promptly to negative (and positive) reviews! A lot of times, the way a brand handles an unhappy customer after the fact can completely change their experience.

We hope you enjoyed listening to our latest podcast. See you next time on Growth Masters.

“60% of people want someone to respond to that review. If it’s a genuine review 50% of people will actually go back and buy something because of that review”– Rad Mitic


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