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Ep 54: Hannah Spilva – Disruption & Resilience

“Imposter syndrome is a signal that you’re growing, it’s a signal that you’re putting yourself into new situations and leaning into things which are difficult that you need to charter” – Hannah Spilva

LVLY is Australia’s most adored flower and gift delivery service operating across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, and Hannah Spilva is one half of the dynamic duo who founded the company back in 2014. Redefining how the gifting industry operates, LVLY has completely disrupted the space with their same day delivery service and strong focus on unique branding. Establishing a cult following in its infancy, LVLY continues to stand out from the crowd with their on trend aesthetic and tongue in cheek nature.

During a decade-long stint in the advertising world, Hannah has acquired the broad expertise it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. In 2020, her hard work and determination was acknowledged when she was awarded the Telstra Business Woman of the Year.

“Because we are in gift giving, there is always the customer and then there’s the recipient, so what’s a bit different for our category is that for every customer we acquire, we have two sets of eyes” – Hannah on how LVLY has organically grown momentum.


The conversation covers:

  • The lowdown on LVLY and what they do best (1:33)
  • Disrupting the space of same day delivery gifting (3:30)
  • What does LVLY stand for? (5:15)
  • Finding the right talent to drive the business forward (8:00)
  • Hannah’s background in advertising gave the business a huge advantage (11:20)
  • Taking time to define roles within LVLY (15:07)
  • Co-founder relationship challenges and wins (17:17)
  • The LVLY marketing strategy in such a competitive space (19:30)
  • Where to next for LVLY? – Going global (23:03)
  • The epic challenge of running a business during Covid (24:50)
  • Finding personal resilience and levelling up in business (32:50)
  • Taking time to reflect on what it means to win awards for LVLY (33:50)
  • The road map for growth in the next three years (38:22)
  • Leaning into imposter syndrome and backing yourself (40:22)
  • Taking care of yourself in order to take care of your business (42:47)

“A co-founder relationship is a big relationship in your life, it’s like one with your husband or a wife, right?” Hannah Spilva

Hannah shares her story from starting her career in the advertising industry to becoming the CEO of her own multi million dollar company. She speaks in detail about the major challenges of running a logistics business safely during a pandemic and knowing when to take time out to recalibrate. Hannah also touches on the growth that the LVLY team is working towards and how important it is to have the right collective of talent driving your business.

Did that podcast resonate with you? Head to LinkedIn to follow Hannah, check out the LVLY Instagram and browse the beautiful selection of LVLY flowers and gifts.

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