A multi-channel strategy delivered big results for a big company, expecting big things.

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An integrated campaign propelled this tech giant to new heights, exploding traffic and revenue

While already the fifth largest computer manufacturer in the world, Acer wanted more. In Q2 2020, Acer approached Impress!ve™ with a vision to radically expand their presence in Australia, proposing ambitious revenue, traffic and customer satisfaction targets.

A masterfully executed SEO campaign coupled with an carefully targeted, high-conversion Google Ads campaign saw us shatter those expectations, consistently outperforming our targets and delivering ten times the revenue in September 2020 compared to September 2019.


increase in online revenue in five months.


increase in traffic


increase in conversion rates


For nearly half a century, Taiwanese tech giant Acer has been at the forefront of innovation. A leader in laptop, desktop and mobile device technology, Acer is a household name in Australia, consistently ranking in the top five brands by market share in the country. With a mission to break down barriers between people and technology, Acer strives to be a brand for the many, not the few, helping to empower the lives of people around the globe.


Already offering their laptops, desktops and touch-enabled devices through a network of retailers, Acer saw an opportunity to grow revenue through strengthening their eCommerce capabilities. An overall small online presence combined with a limited internal team primarily focused on Google Ads meant that rankings – and thus conversions – for the online store had suffered.

With competitors seeing exceptional success investing in their eCommerce channel, Acer wanted the same for them. Acer charged Impress!ve™ with quadrupling their online revenue in just 12 short months, taking them to nearly half a million dollars in monthly turnover by Q2 2021.


A company this large with goals this ambitious needed an intricate, precisely calibrated strategy – and that’s exactly what out experts delivered. We began with a deep audit of their website, looking for content gaps and UX shortfalls that were causing the client to miss out on ranks and conversions. As part of the onsite optimisation, fresh content was ordered for dozens of pages across the website, supporting key categories including laptops, desktops and gaming.

Meanwhile, our SEM team got to work putting together a winning Google Ads campaign for the client. Working off an understanding of their key demographics as gamers and the technologically savvy, the team built a campaign full of powerful, persuasive ads that resonated with the client’s niche audience.


The numbers speak for themselves. By September – just four short months after we kicked off the campaign – we had doubled the monthly revenue of the Acer website. This translated into a 158.53% growth in revenue year on year, allowing us to hit our Q2 target barely into our fourth month. A stellar job in targeting customers by the SEM team saw their conversion rate shoot up by 23.07%, while traffic has grown by a substantial 83.96%. As we close in on the end of this first year of the campaign, we are well on our way to smashing those ambitious revenue targets, helping to make Acer an eComm force to be reckoned with.

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