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To say the global beauty industry is a big one would be an understatement. Thousands of brands create hundreds of products — from lotions, oils, powders and creams to bath bombs, shampoos, cuticle softeners, deodorants, lipsticks and moisturisers.

So, if you’re a small, new, unknown or struggling beauty company, what do you do?

At Impressive, we’ve made it our mission to support and realise the growth goals of driven, ambitious beauty brands through smart digital marketing choices, such as SEO for beauty brands.

Why SEO for beauty brands?

Why SEO for beauty brands?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a crucial digital marketing technique that ensures your company name, brand, and product show up on search engines like Google when a user types specific search terms.

However, SEO is not a one-size-fits-all, game-changing approach. This is why working with a company specialising in SEO for beauty brands is crucial.

A beauty SEO agency knows what makes the beauty industry tick, which keywords generate the best results, and which strategies work best to achieve your goals. They take the time to assess your website, compare it with your competitors and get to know your products and what sets them apart.

By working with a reputable beauty SEO company like Impressive, you can improve your search engine ranking by implementing a strategy formulated exclusively to achieve just that.

You can then focus your SEO efforts on achieving visibility in different search engines and ensuring you get found on page one of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Now, this is no mean feat; it can take months to see results.

But with the help of a highly experienced beauty SEO company, improving brand performance on the web is well within your reach.

What are the benefits of SEO for cosmetics and beauty brands?

What are the benefits of SEO for cosmetics and beauty brands?

Here’s how working with a top beauty SEO agency like Impressive can help your beauty brand: 

  • Boost organic traffic: when your website gets more organic visitors, it means more and more people are finding your business on Google and other search engines because of your higher ranking on SERPs — that is, without resorting to paid ads. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and can only be achieved with the help of a seasoned beauty SEO company.
  • Increase brand recognition: SEO for cosmetics and beauty brands will allow people using certain keywords associated with your industry and products to find you. Consumers can connect with your brand, whether they’re looking for a specific product by typing ‘the best concealer in Australia’ or seeking advice using the phrase ‘how to avoid pimples’. You’ll be able to expand the number of people aware of your brand and what it offers.
  • Get more leads: as a result of your increased organic traffic, you’ll also be able to get more high-quality leads (people who are ready to buy from or communicate with you) from people searching with clear intent. They may be looking to buy a specific product or find beauty advice that could lead them to your product gallery. While there, they may purchase products they need to apply the tips they learned in your blog post.
  • Better sales: higher organic traffic, better brand awareness, and more leads all work together to increase sales of your products or services.

With these key results in mind, it makes perfect sense to work with a beauty SEO company that will help you formulate an effective strategy tailored to your business, industry and market.

Expert SEO services for health and beauty brands

Expert SEO services for health and beauty brands

What makes health and beauty SEO unique?

At Impressive, our experts will create a solid SEO strategy to help you achieve your SEO goals and business objectives. This could include the following:

  • Link building: this process aims to boost the quantity and quality of inbound links to a webpage (on your website) to improve the performance of that page or website on search engine results.
  • Technical SEO: as a key component of on-page SEO, technical SEO focuses on enhancing your website’s technical components (e.g. website architecture) to improve rankings.
  • Keyword research: keyword research identifies the most important words, phrases, and queries to optimise your content. You can optimise your metadata, on-page material, and internal links with keyword research.
  • Penalty recovery: if your website gets penalised, the process of penalty recovery involves restoring your reputation on Google SERPs. There are several reasons a website can get penalised, including the publication of duplicate content issues, low-quality content, or the presence of malicious malware.
  • Content marketing: SEO content marketing aims to provide material that will attract qualified Google traffic to a company website. Content can come in the form of blog posts, product descriptions, etc. Visitors who are likely to find the content you publish helpful and pertinent to their circumstances are referred to as qualified traffic. At this stage, some customers are ready to purchase your goods or services.
  • Structured data markup: a sort of markup called structured data aids search engines like Google in displaying and deciphering content. The information is well-organised and applies many markup formats to websites. This is how it adds more information to the page’s content.
  • UX optimisation: UX optimisation aims to enhance user experience. When it comes to websites, a well-formulated UX strategy keeps visitors on your site for longer, offers a more pleasurable experience, and boosts conversions.

Voice search optimisation: the practice of optimising your pages to show up in voice searches is known as voice search optimisation. How individuals search verbally is taken into account to enhance voice search effectively.

Why choose Impressive for health and beauty SEO?

Why choose Impressive for health and beauty SEO?

Our process for successful health and beauty SEO is focused on delivering tangible results for your business.

We study your website and pick apart your current strategy. We also evaluate the market and your key competitors to gauge the positive attributes of your current site and identify areas for improvement.

At Impressive, we also take the time to unpack your short- and long-term goals. We’ll collaborate with you every step of the way as we build a customised SEO strategy for your business.

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Health and Beauty SEO Case Studies: Impressive x Synergie Skin

Who are Synergie Skin, and what were their challenges?

Who are Synergie Skin, and what were their challenges?

Founded in 2005, Synergie Skin is a range of high-active skincare, free from ethically questionable ingredients. Terri Vinson, the cosmetic chemist behind the brand was very aware of the unique factors Australians are exposed to on a daily basis – high UV levels just one of them – so she wanted to put science behind her range of beauty products that would protect to the best of their ability.

What strategy did Impressive and Synergy Skin follow?

What strategy did Impressive and Synergy Skin follow?

Objective: Increase revenue and ranking on non-brand keywords in organic search

Our strategy: 

Since Impressive began managing the digital marketing strategy, Synergie Skin has experienced exceptional growth. Building on this, they have decided to enlist Impressive’s services to help migrate their website to the Shopify platform in the first quarter of 2022, as well as continue the ongoing omnichannel strategy. 

Careful SEO migration is critical to ensure that the website’s momentum is not lost during the transition. Impressive has conducted pre-live, go-live, and post-live audits to redirect old pages to the new website, identify and fix technical issues, install tracking codes, and ensure Google can crawl and index the new website.


After completing the migration project, our focus shifted to improving non-brand keyword rankings and establishing the brand’s expertise, authoritativeness, and authority (EAT) within the industry.

In the past, our SEO strategy concentrated on creating product collections pages tailored to specific user intents and optimised them for skin conditions. This effort greatly enhanced the brand’s visibility, as evidenced by the substantial improvement in keywords related to “Synergie + product name/use.”

This time, Impressive aimed to boost the brand’s presence in organic searches for general and ingredient-based keywords, where the website currently lacks visibility. To achieve this, we optimised the product pages for primary ingredients, updated the meta data, and implemented the necessary schema. This strategy also aimed to support Google Search ad campaigns, reduce costs for Shopping/PMAX campaigns, and improve Synergie Skin’s organic presence on Google Shopping.

Another major strategy implemented last year involved refreshing blog content and adopting a content pillar approach centred around skin conditions. We also optimised older articles by identifying opportunities to provide additional information and linking to related collections pages and newly created Routines pages.



Organic Traffic, Transactions, and Revenue Growth

The SEO migration was successful in transferring the old website’s organic rankings and traffic while maintaining its momentum. 

As a result, there was a 27% increase in organic users, 12.29% increase in conversion rate, 36.57% increase in transactions, and 42.12% increase in revenue.

Keyword trends

The website has significantly increased its organic visibility for non-brand keywords in the past 12 months through various optimizations on product pages, blogs, and continuous technical health check reviews. 

As a result, there has been a 155% increase in Page 1 rankings and a 42% overall increase in rankings (Pages 1-10). This demonstrates the effectiveness of the implemented strategies in improving the website’s search engine performance.

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A comprehensive audit

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Unique growth strategy

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ROI projections

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