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Episode 32: An Impressive Breakfast Wrap-Up with Rob & Sam

The tastiest morsels from our first ever event

We recently had our very first Impressive Breakfast, which covered the importance of personalisation across the entire customer experience.

There were some heavy hitting speakers at our event, including our very own Rob Tadros, Founder of Impressive, as well as Google Agency Lead Brent Nicholls, HubSpot Marketing Manager Elissa Hudson and Carbar CMO Kieron Wogan.

“Every database deteriorates by 20% each year…. what are your doing as a business to increase this and improve your customer’s overall experience? You need to have a strategy in place.”Rob Tadros 

Meet Rob and Sam

In today’s episode, Head of Sales Sam McKerrow shoots off some questions to Rob, picking his brain for more information around personalisation. Rob answers them all, sharing how these strategies can be used in both the eCommerce and service-based spheres. He also shares how utilising them can improve the overall customer experience, positioning your brand in a better place.

The conversation covers:

  • Alias vs authenticity (4:00)
  • Personalisation for eCommerce businesses (8:00)
  • Tackling abandoned carts (10:20)
  • Creating a “New Customer” series (11:00)
  • How customers respond to personalisation (12:00)
  • The power of segmented EDM (13:00)
  • Jetstar case study (13:41)
  • Where do I start? (16:20)
  • Common signals that help build out strategies (17:00)
  • Automation vs. personalisation (19:30)
  • How much is too much? (21:40)

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