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Episode 27: Instagram ‘Likes’ Removal is Levelling the Playing Field

Instagram ‘Likes’ Function Removed in Australia

Last month, Instagram started to trial the removal of its likes functionality from its platform. The trial is currently being tested in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Brazil. Rather than having a number of people who liked your post on the platform, it will now to display one person’s name who likes the post “and others”. 

While you can still see how many likes your own posts have, you won’t be able to see anyone else’s figures. 

“They want to create a place that’s focused more on content rather than on performance.” – Daniel F

Meet Nadia & Daniel

In today’s episode, Brand Specialist Nadia DW speaks with Social Media Advertising Specialist Daniel Francis about this new change. The pair discuss Instagram’s reasoning behind the change – ultimately, how its intended to remove the “pressure” around the content we post, before moving into how it will affect businesses using the platform. 

With 25 million Instagram business accounts, but only 2 million monthly advertisers, it seems likely the change was also designed to encourage businesses to advertise more. 

The conversation covers:

  • Instagram’s reasoning behind the change (2:00)
  • How it will change the game for influencers (5:50)
  • The new form of likes (8:20)
  • The need to roll with the punches (10:02)
  • Tips for businesses looking to advertise on Instagram (10:44)

[Instagram is] growing and evolving so fast, so if you’re not willing to adapt and roll with the punches with all these new features or removal of features, then you’re going to fail as an influencer or business anyway.” – Daniel F

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We hope this came in useful if you wanted to know more about Instagram’s new policy. If you’re wanting to advertise on the platform, or if you still have a few more questions, you can get in touch with our digital strategists online or give us a call on 1300 191 943. We’d be happy to help!

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