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Episode 23: The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Is Your Marketing Done In-house and is it Time for a Change?

There are heaps of reasons why businesses, large and small, prefer to outsource their marketing to a team of experts. Of course, we speak to businesses every day that are hesitant to entrust a company with their strategy, so it’s our job to help them overcome any concerns and prove that Impressive is the best choice for their growth.

Some of our experts got together to discuss this further and give you greater insight into the world of digital marketing agencies.

“It’s easy to see why this is the next step in evolution for businesses.” – Tim Parry-Jones

Meet Spence & Tim

Today we’d like to introduce you to Spencer Rogers, Impressive’s Head of Partnerships, and Tim Parry-Jones, one of our Social Media Specialists. It’s Spencer’s job to show clients how they can get the most out of their money by using our marketing services, whether that’s white label SEO or a full strategy for their own business. Since Tim has experience as a marketing manager at well-known companies, we thought it’d be useful to get his opinion.

In today’s episode, the conversation will cover:

  • The disciplines most businesses choose to outsource (1:45)
  • The major benefits of partnering with a local Melbourne agency (2:43)
  • What happens when you resell our services and what that means for your clients (6:30)
  • The tools, experience and training you’ll get access to (8:49)
  • Why both large and small agencies can benefit from widening their offering through reselling (11:47)
  • A real world example for a business owner (13:19)
  • How departments at Impressive integrate with each other and why that works to your benefit (15:20)

“Our experts become your experts.” – Spencer Rogers

Connect with Us

We hope this came in useful! If you’re thinking of looking further into white label opportunities, but still have a few questions, check out Spence’s blog on common reservations of a business owner.

Want to speak with Spence directly? He’s available on [email protected] or 1300 191 943. To sign up for our fortnightly podcast, head to iTunes or Stitcher where you can also leave us a review!

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