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Episode 15: An Interview with SimilarWeb’s Ron Pick

SimilarWeb is one of the world’s leading web analytics websites, that enables businesses to track and grow their digital market share. Joining us for our first episode of this year is Ron, calling straight from the SimilarWeb headquarters.

As the VP of marketing and demand generation, Ron will be chatting to us about his role at SimilarWeb and delving into analytics trends for 2019 and beyond.

“Large brands, retailers, financial institutions, advertisers, can really understand where they are in their own markets. That’s the power of what we do.” – Ron Pick

Meet Russ, Chris & Ron

Firing questions at Ron today is Russ Macumber, Impressive’s digital strategist and Chris Zerafa, head of SEO. We took the opportunity to get insights from such a huge name in the digital industry – something The Impressive Digital Marketer listeners get to hear about, too.

Ron talks about:

  • How he came to work at SimilarWeb (2:11)
  • The most profitable channel at SimilarWeb (7:08)
  • Useful features to access competitors’ analytics (7:41)
  • The difference between the free and premium products (9:05)
  • Big SEO trends for businesses to look out for in 2019 (10:44)
  • The evolution of SERPs, because of mobile searches (12:15)
  • How attribution modelling may evolve in 2019, for multiple industries (15:05)
  • How SimilarWeb maintains user retention (17:19)

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Lastly, a huge thanks to Ron for taking the time to join us today!


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