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Ep 52: Erika Geraerts – Startups, People and Growth

“It’s no longer that you’re able to sell your product to 10 people in the room. It’s that there are 50 people trying to sell to those 10 people” – Erika Geraerts

Erika comes with years of experience in building multiple successful businesses. She’s the co-founder of renowned brands like frank body and Willow & Blake. In this episode, we explore Erika’s entrepreneurial journey from her Willow & Blake and frank body days, to her latest startup, Fluff – a beauty brand focused on the next generation.

For Erika, it’s all about that connection with people, trying to understand why someone would buy something from a brand. Listen to our latest on Growth Masters as we talk about the nitty-gritty of startup culture and how the modern landscape has changed for businesses amidst a highly competitive environment.

“The pace at which businesses are operating right now is totally unsustainable and I think we are just pursuing growth at all costs.” – Erika Geraerts on modern hustle culture

Join The Discussion With Erika On Building Successful Businesses.

The conversation covers:

  • Erika’s journey (1:34)
  • What it’s like running 2 businesses concurrently (3:40)
  • The impact of frank body (5:04)
  • What the Fluff is all about (7:22)
  • How do you differentiate your branding? (9:38)
  • Thoughts on Hustle Culture (12:19)
  • How competition has changed the market (14:49)
  • Changes in the marketing world from frank body days to now (16:15)
  • How big is the team? (20:40)
  • How many people do you need to screw in a lightbulb? (21:37)
  • What drives Erika and the Fluff (22:28)
  • Advice for early startup entrepreneurs (22:34)

Building your startup with the right people

A major part of Erika’s success stems from having the right team around, along with a focused business purpose. It’s the balance between knowing who to hire and understanding what makes the customer tick.

“After some point, you have to ask how many are we getting to screw in a light bulb” – Erika Geraerts

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