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#AskGabe Myles- Content Cut or Refresh

“How can you determine if a piece of content on your site needs to be cut completely, or refreshed and re-optimized for SEO?”

This week’s #AskGabe question is from Myles Birch – thanks Myles!

Gabriel Grossman’s take?

This is a commercial decision – it’s all about cost-benefit analysis.

Audit your content, and analyse each piece individually

Does the math add up?

ie. Add up the hours to re-write and re-SEO the page, vs potential ranking gain/revenue opportunity to refresh the content. Is it a good commercial decision?

If the piece is old and dated, and the math doesn’t add up = Content prune

If the piece is old and dated, but the rankings and revenue potential outweigh the hours of work that need to be invested = Content refresh!

Has anyone got any content prune or refresh stories they’re keen to share?

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