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4 digital marketing tips startups need

Founder of Impressive Digital, Robert Tadros is pretty Impressive.

In 12 months, the digital marketing business has grown more than 500%, from $600K to $3.5 million in annual revenue, which Robert attributes largely to pivoting from being a generalist agency to specialising in SEO, SEM and Facebook.

After a successful 8-year career with Sensis, Robert decided it was time to go back to his entrepreneurial roots and founded Impressive Digital and the team has grown to 19 employees.

Their clients include fashion label Misha Collection, construction company Schiavello, digiDIRECT and XBlades.

Impressive Digital also accepts cryptocurrency as payment as well. With two clients currently paying with crypto, it is evident that Impressive Digital is keeping up with technology advancements.

Despite controversy over cryptocurrencies, Robert believes that businesses must embrace this technology as part of the future of business

With an Impressive list of clients and a massive expected turnover forecast, we wanted to hear what tips would Robert give us in terms of SEO and marketing.

And he did.

Develop great content

To attract users and keep them interested, you must regularly create interesting content. You need to understand the main points and challenges of your target market and write to be the solution. SEO and content marketing are deeply intertwined.

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Use their vernacular, not industry jargon.

Get visual

Pictures and video will continue to grow. A majority of the content published online is visual. With video content accounting for 74 percent of all online traffic, there is no question about its value. Also, consider how imagery and video are consumed by audiences. It’s what they share on social media. It draws people into your brand story.

The best way to leverage visual content for SEO is to ensure the meta tags of images have keywords.

Messenger campaigns deliver high CTRs

Facebook Messenger is a powerful tool with 1.3 billion users who are currently active. It can also provide your business with a way to begin a conversation. Facebook Messenger campaigns can be tailored based on who you want to target.

These types of campaigns tend to be successful when done well. An example comes from marketing expert Neil Patel, who shared that one of his Facebook Messenger campaigns saw 88 percent open rates and a 56 percent click-through rate (CTR).

Well, there you go, tips from an expert.


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A comprehensive audit

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Unique growth strategy

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