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Episode 18: Our Social Media Predictions for 2019

What to Expect from Social in 2019

You’ve heard marketers relentlessly bang on about the “ever-changing digital landscape” – but that’s because it is always changing. Social media is a huge part of most brand campaigns nowadays and keeping up with movements in the industry is arguably the biggest part of the battle.

So, what does 2019 have in store for us? What do we expect Instagram and Facebook to throw your way – and how can you be prepared for it?

Don’t fear, because Impressive is here! We’ve put our heads together to come up with a list of everything we expect to shift in the world of social.

“If you have no idea what impact your influencer campaign made, your dollars are better off spent somewhere else.”Kayla Dancaster

Meet Nicole & Kayla

Nicole Craig and Kayla Dancaster are Impressive’s Facebook Queens. As our social media managers for both SMB’s and enterprise clients, they know all about the importance of keeping their finger on the right buttons.

A lot is happening all the time, but we’re covering the stuff we think you need to know. Nicole and Kayla are chatting about:

  • How the data controversy is going to make everyone smarter (1:44)
  • The introduction of performance penalties for Facebook (3:17)
  • The metrics that matter most in 2019 (5:20)
  • Instagram stories & why video is still going strong (7:26)
  • How longer form content is set to be a trend (8:55)
  • Getting influencers to help you develop your content (9:24)
  • Messenger campaigns & the rise of dark social (17:51)

“Adidas are moving their whole ethos towards making sure they’re delivering their communities with more insightful, relevant content. They’re thinking about how people want to engage with them on social media.”Nicole Craig

Connect with Us

There’s heaps more we could talk about when it comes to social media predictions for 2019, so why not talk directly with us about strategies that could help your brand? Nicole and Kayla are happy to speak with you about what Impressive could do, so email them on [email protected] or [email protected] and shoot your questions through.

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