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Episode 4: Writing the Best Direct Response Copy Ever

The Impressive Digital Marketer on How to Write the Best Copy Ever

Sales copy has had an overhaul. Copywriters have to be weary of the purpose and medium of their writing, in order to select the most effective “voice”. Fairly recently, direct response copy has become relevant again and it’s an extremely interesting way to write.

Impressive’s Cate Thomson had a chat with Jesse Laier to discuss some tips on writing the best direct response copy ever! To mix things up, they chatted about some unusual places that writers can take inspiration from, including:

  1. The past
  2. Junk mail
  3. Television ads

“We tend to see that longer copy outperforms shorter copy. The difference is, your audience is dedicating a space to you.”- Jesse Laier

Meet Cate & Jesse


As Impressive’s Inbound Marketing Specialist, Jesse knows his way around a marketing campaign and can weave together some killer sales copy. Cate, our social expert, picked his brain for some tips he could share with our listeners.

If you want to give your copy that edge that your competitors don’t have, this podcast could be a great place to start. Cate and Jesse will be going over:

  • What is direct response copy? (1:23)
  • Writing competitive copy for social media (2:56)
  • Long copy Vs short copy (4:07)
  • How to write a great headline (5:10)
  • Taking inspiration from advertising in the 50’s and 60’s (9:20)
  • The unusual tactic of taking inspiration from junk mail (13:06)
  • Why car commercials are so effective (15:04)

“It’s more about finding the right words, not the right number of words.”Jesse Laier

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