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Ep 41: Gaetano DiNardi – Bringing Tech & Music Together

After spending 5 years as a full-time music producer & songwriter in New York City working with artists like Fat Joe, Shaggy, and Ryan Leslie, just to name a few, Gaetano began to re-evaluate his career goals.

Blending his background as a musician in singing and songwriter with his technical skills in SEO, Gaetano DiNardi climbed the digital marketing ladder and is now the Director of Growth Marketing at Nextiva, the business phone system with super powers — but how did he get here?

“I was blogging about the perils of being an up and coming singer and songwriter in New York City and I loved the idea of people finding my sh*t without me having to spend any money to promote it.” Gaetano DiNardi

Join the conversation with host, Robert Tadros and digital growth expert Gaetano DiNardi

Earning unmatched results for VC backed startups, popular eCommerce brands, and Fortune 500 powerhouses, by incorporating his creativity and analytical skills, Gaetano has been able to make a real splash in the digital marketing world.

Robert and Gaetano touch on digital growth and how to achieve it, the importance of hiring diverse talent, and how to combine your passions and profession to achieve success.

“I look at growth hacking like growth fundamentals. I’ll always be a part of the marketers that say nobody is gonna be better at fundamentals than me to accelerate growth. Once you have the fundamentals down, you can go more outside of the box.” Gaetano DiNardi

The conversation covers:

  • How does a singer-songwriter transition into digital marketing? (1:00)
  • Falling into digital (5:00)
  • Growth hacking: frameworks and fundamentals (6:30)
  • Marketing is more than using shiny new tools (10:00)
  • Getting the basics right (13:00)
  • Working smarter not harder (15:00)
  • Finding the right talent is a combination of agency and in-house experience (16:00)
  • How creativity can help you grow as a marketer (20:00)
  • It’s not all about the numbers, sometimes your idea just sucks and it doesn’t need to be tested (22:30)
  • The future of music (24:30)
  • Musicians in tech (26:30)
  • Advice for someone with the creative flare but who also has passions in marketing, tech or other industries (28:30)
  • Complementing your passions to get a desired outcome (32:00)

Musicians in tech: What’s the connection?

Some may criticise the leap from music to marketing as one that makes very little sense, but Gaetano begs to differ.

After falling ass backwards into SEO by blogging about his perils in the music industry and earning hundreds of thousands of reviews, he quickly realised the power of digital marketing and the competitive edge his songwriting experience gave him in the industry.

The truth is, creativity is often the secret sauce of a successful campaign. Oftentimes, corporations get bogged down by analytics and data, and while these aspects are an important part of the digital mix — they are by no means the end all be all.

Musicians in tech can use their artistry to innovate and invigorate the digital landscape, shaking up the norm and establishing objectives to re-shape digital growth.

“Try exercising extreme amounts of discipline and doing what no one else is doing in the channels people are sleeping on — that’s a digital growth hack.” Gaetano DiNardi


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