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Ep 36: Utilising New Technology in Australian Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry in Australia has been struggling for years. Over the past decade we’ve seen the closure of a lot of manufacturing sites, particularly in the automotive space.

But with the coronavirus pandemic, the tides may be turning. A renewed interest in onshore manufacturing is occurring, both locally and on a global scale.

So how do we make sure that what we’re doing is cost-effective, scalable and innovative?


It’s the entrepreneurs and the companies of Australia that build here that are able to innovate because they’re at the forefront.” Massih Aimaq


Join our host Robert Tadros and guest Massih Aimaq

Impressive CEO & Founder Robert Tadros interviews Sales Director of HSP Ute Lids, Massih Aimaq, in today’s episode of our podcast.

HSP has always manufactured in Australia. The company has been around for over 13 years, and in that timeframe they’ve been incorporating new technologies into their manufacturing to maintain a strategic edge over their competitors.

“As well as being a manufacturer for vehicle accessories, we’re also a manufacturing company for tech. We’re doing things that no one has ever done before.” – Massih Aimaq

Listen as Rob and Massih discuss the technology-led strategies that HSP Ute Lids employs, as well as the key benefits for manufacturing in Australia.

The conversation covers:

  • Why businesses moved manufacturing overseas (3:15)
  • Examples of how HSP have utilised technology to innovate (4:30)
  • What does the future hold for HSP and manufacturing? (6:45)
  • What are some of the pros of bringing manufacturing back to Australia (8:15)
  • Automation in manufacturing to keep margins healthy (10:35)
  • How HSP has incorporated smartphone tech into automotive manufacturing (13:14)
  • How Nikola’s shares increased due to technology-led strategy (17:45)
  • Australian manufacturing a selling point for overseas markets (22:22)

“The biggest thing is control. If you have a vision of what you want and how you want to achieve it – and how you want it to flow through every aspect – design, manufacturing, marketing, turnaround times. If you’re manufacturing locally, you have control over that whole process.” – Massih Aimaq


What does the future hold?

We hope you enjoy this episode of our podcast! On top of the discussion with Massih, our founder Rob also shares some Impressive news.

We’ve recently launched Impressive 2.0 and as part of this, we’ll be rebranding our podcast moving forward to Growth Masters. The show for CEOs, CMOs and anyone looking to know what’s happening in the digital world.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for new episodes.


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