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Get LinkedIn with Impressive’s top 5 tips for LinkedIn Advertising

For businesses targeting a B2B or professional audience, LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful platform to leverage. The paid advertising prowess exuded by LinkedIn is nothing to be sneezed at. To quote LinkedIn themselves “organic is good, but paid is better”.

With the capacity to reach 13% of the world’s population using over 200 targeting attributes, LinkedIn should be a staunch player in your digital marketing strategy.

But as a social media platform (albeit slightly unconventional), advertising can sometimes fall on the wrong screens if your campaign is inefficiently planned. To help you get the most out of your digital business landscape, we’ve put together our top 5 LinkedIn advertising tips for 2022.

1. Retargeting text ads

Retargeting ads can be extremely useful for building further brand awareness and driving conversions via LinkedIn. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s custom targeting options to reach your website visitors, contacts, and target accounts through targeted, tailored text ads that appear in-feed. 

If you take any advice from us at all, let it be this one: launch retargeting text ads on LinkedIn for all of your advertising campaigns. All of them. While you may not see a mammoth volume of clicks come through, the cost per mile (CPM) is extremely low, making it great value for money.

2. Use highly engaging visuals

Targeted advertising will get your posts in front of the right people, but it’s your job to make them stay and pay attention. 

Most humans are visual creatures. With so many posts and tidbits of information in people’s feeds, it’s important to present them with something that stops the scroller in their tracks. 

3. Get personal with sponsored InMail

There’s more to LinkedIn advertising than just sponsored posts. You can go one step further and reach people in the comfort of their message inbox with sponsored InMail. Believe it or not (well… you should believe it because it’s true), message ads achieve the best click through rate (CTR) of any ad inventory available on LinkedIn. 

The impression metric is also a very powerful analytics tool as it shows you exactly how many inboxes your message has fallen into. This type of ad is excellent value for money as that one time cost results in an impression that sits in a users inbox until they read your message.

4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Run multiple ads with brand consistent messaging to capture different audience segments. Ensure that you change up your creative assets and copy to appeal to different preferences, but keep it consistent with your brand’s identity.

5. Lead gen in the native environment

When running lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn, you should always aim to capture your data in the native environment. And by that we mean always offer lead capture forms within the social media platform itself rather than forcing the user onto an additional landing page or website. 

You want your user to feel like Mario when he’s eaten one of those mushrooms – zooming along with no barriers in his way. Adding extra steps to your user’s journey is like adding a huge Whomp, in the middle of the path. For those who didn’t grow up playing Super Mario, a Whomp is what you would call an obstacle. 

In short, with no metaphors in sight, you want your leads to impart their information as quickly and effortlessly as possible. 

Want more tips from the pros?

Businesses that stay ahead of the curve when it comes to LinkIn ads have a huge edge over their competition. If you’re looking to work with a performance focused company that always has its finger on the pulse, reach out to us at Impressive. 

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