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Fashion and e-commerce: 3 Resources for Beginners

Starting your own fashion store online can be daunting. As a beginner, you know fashion, perhaps you have a degree in clothing design, and you have great aspirations. Getting out of university, you decided to take the entrepreneurial route and start up your own small business, as so many people are doing now.

But when you got online and checked out everything you needed to get going, your head went into a tailspin. SEO, click-through-rates, analytics and content marketing—do you really have to be in charge of all this? How are you going to keep track of all these things when you’re just starting out?

It’s natural to be daunted by all the demands of a new venture. Fortunately there are countless resources out there for people starting out in e-commerce and fashion. Read this guide for three essential resources necessary for beginners.

Google analytics

Daunted by data? Do long lists of numbers, percentages and abbreviated terms blur before your eyes? Google analytics is a tool that makes all of this a lot easier to understand.

The program allows you to collect valuable data about your business, including information on traffic, keywords and potential revenue sources. With Google analytics you can track who visited your website, what they looked at and how long they stayed there.

Google analytics is great for beginners because it takes the mystery out of building up your clientele. You know how many people are visiting your website each week, you know what a new post or product brings to your website and ultimately you have a better idea of how people are responding to your business.

Check out this guide over at Blog Ambitions to find out how to set up your Google analytics account.

Google Webmaster tools

Google is the dominating search engine on the net and it’s probably here to stay. If you’re starting an e-commerce business—especially one in as competitive a field as fashion—you better get familiar with Google’s ins and outs. GWT lets you get behind the scenes.

GWT will help you understand how google is responding to your website. You can check your rating, look at the click rate of your keywords and let you get down to some serious data crunching of all the attention your website is receiving.

Check out Google’s marvellous Search Console Help Centre for any questions and peruse this comprehensive guide over at Luna Metrics to get savvy with GWT.

Google+ business page

If your business is solely online, this won’t be an essential resource. But considering that many e-commerce websites begin as physical businesses, and the idea that you might start your fashion label from home, this resource should apply to plenty of budding entrepreneurs.

A Google+ business page will feed the information of your store directly into google, making your store more identifiable to people using google and, more importantly, you’ll be the one in control of your business. Any developments of your physical business from location changes to new discounts, you’ll be able to seamlessly communicate to the online portion of your business.

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