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Connecting with Leads on LinkedIn

Ever posted something on Facebook only to have the algorithm tuck it away into obscurity? 

It’s times like this when we would like to take our computer and do the following…


Working with algorithms through paid advertising is the new norm, but unlike Facebook and Instagram where you’re trying to outwit the machine; LinkedIn offers users an equal playing field (for now) for both paid and organic content, making it the last frontier before you’ll need to “pay to play”. 

With that in mind, why not leverage LinkedIn for your business before everything changes? While it’s the platform for B2B companies seeking new leads, if you’re creative enough it can also be beneficial for B2C. 

Keep reading to discover the lowdown on how to connect with leads on LinkedIn and boost your biz. 

Optimise your profile

Think of your profile as a snapshot of you going in for an interview. You’ve got to make a good first impression immediately as well as provide value to retain your prospect’s attention. 

We recommend doing the following: 

Using a professional image that shows your face


No images of you on a night out, smoking a cigarette (“yeah, Richard” (ಠ_ಠ) ), or full body shots, as Impressive as your physique may be. 

Don’t forget, this is still a platform for professionals, so treat it with required formality as you would a job interview. Feel free to take a flattering photo but make sure it’s work-appropriate. 

HD relevant header image

While a header image does leave a little more room for creativity, you really should show off an image that’s relevant to your industry rather than an image of two wolves howling at the moon which you may think is cool. 

Make sure the header image isn’t pixelated and applies to your work or skill-set.

The ultimate headline

We recently had Lisa Teh from Codi Agency speak to us about the importance of the LinkedIn headline, which you can listen to in full here. 

She states that this segment of your profile is what really makes or breaks your chances of connecting with a lead. Be sure to use a line that clearly outlines your offering so that you can show potential leads what it is you do and entice them to find out more. 

Posting the right content

Now that you’ve got your profile looking schmick it’s time to get your content out there. There will be plenty of things to consider regarding the right type of content to be pushing. Here are a few suggestions that’ll get you on the right track.

Thought leadership material

As LinkedIn is a professional platform, you won’t be posting smashed avocado brunch photos or images of your new haircut. That being said, it’s still a social media marketing platform, so it’s still meant to have the warmth and fun of social media – just as long as it pertains to your work. 

Workplace events and staff birthdays are fine, but the real content that’ll get you leads will be a steady flow of material that shows you’re a thought leader in your industry. Blog posts on market updates and professional tips in your field will set you up for success, as more people will want to engage with you and gain your expertise. Research your field and brainstorm some potential blogs, images or updates you can post on your page.

Video content

We mean short snackable content. Don’t get mad if no one finishes your 10 minute short film.


Video is easier to consume than copious amounts of text, so a short snippet of your day or a quick professional tip may be a great solution. Once again, think about whether this format is appropriate for your message or if a written post or blog is a better choice. 

It’s also a great idea to include captions. Not only is it beneficial for accessibility reasons, it also means people can watch your video on mute if they’re scrolling in a public place without headphones available.

Posting links

With that in mind, should you choose a blog or written post option, keep in mind that LinkedIn is keen to keep users on the platform. Any posts that have a link directing people out of LinkedIn will not rank high in user feeds. A good hack we utilise is writing a message, stating that more information can be found via the link in the comments, then attaching any relevant links in the first comment of the post. You’re welcome. 

Posting updates regularly

The best way to remain relevant and on the top of the minds of your leads is to post regularly. Teh’s successful strategy includes daily video posts, except for weekends. From sharing written articles to quick video snippets with industry professionals, her LinkedIn profile is a treasure trove of relevant content that keeps coming through. 

Creativity and personality

While we have driven the point home that LinkedIn is a professional platform, we have found that the best performing posts and profiles tend to be creative and personable as well as “value providing”.

With all the formality of the professional world, working with a designer for your visual posts or a creative copywriter can make all the difference in standing out from the crowd.

An excellent example of a creative post we can’t stop sharing is Netflix’s job application for a “Witcher” – a character from their much loved series “The Witcher”.

While the ad was for a security role, the clever writing was a hit with fans of the show. It also gained some additional interest, perhaps leading to even more views. 

It’s creative and it’s aligned to their business. The kind of post that should inspire your next steps.


Active outreach

Now that you’ve got your profile sorted and you’re pushing out some great posts, it’s time for some active outreach. 

Your leads won’t always know you’re out there if you don’t take the first step. Here are some tips we suggest:

Avoid cold-adding

We don’t blame you for doing this, everyone seems to, but unless you want to fall into obscurity, don’t just add potential leads out of the blue. In fact, don’t add anyone before getting in contact with them.


With that in mind, try to send a personalised message to leads before adding them. 

You can always send out a generic email blast to LinkedIn users, but unless the email catches their eye with a name or reference, people will likely delete your message. Make sure to do your research beforehand. 

Creative posts

A technique we’ve championed that has seen some great returns. In order to stand out from your competitors who are no doubt reaching out to leads on LinkedIn too, why not try a creative post and tag your prospect in it. This can be a design with their name, a video detailing how you’d love to work with them, or posting a case study on their success. The key is to tag them and get others’ comments and tag them too.

We recently did this with ShowPo and were super honoured to have won a chance to meet the brand in Sydney. 

Start securing leads with Impressive

We know these tips will help you secure leads because we’ve seen the results firsthand. If you’re not sure where to start or how to get the ball rolling with what you already have, let us help you roll out some creative content to smash your goals and exceed your ambitions. Get in touch for some data driven digital marketing.

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