A consistent month-on-month organic sessions growth of 44.44%

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Huon Aquaculture


Optimising this client’s website achieved explosive growth in sales.


Searches for branded clicks increase from 13.8K to 19.9K


month-on-month organic sessions growth


Searches for non-branded terms went from 3.13K to 4.61K


clicks received by the top performing product page


Mobile revenue increased


Desktop revenue increased


Google Search Console clicks increased from 30.3K to 43.3K


Huon Aquaculture is an online store offering top quality salmon in Tasmania’s pristine waters for over 30 years. They proudly say that they have learned a thing or two about the best way to raise the highest quality salmon in the world, and are committed to ethical practices and transparency, with a clear vision for the future.


Huon Aquaculture were facing challenges in the online search space. There was a general lack of awareness online, they were behind in digital sales, and a recent change in site structure meant that a lot of keywords were ranking and indexed for irrelevant target pages.

The primary objective for this client was boosting online sales and generating more organic traffic. More specifically, they were looking for 10% organic growth in the first 3 months, and 30% organic growth after 6 months. We also wanted to leverage existing content and recipes to attract users and generate sales.

It was also important that we could reach out to audiences in regional parts of Australia where salmon isn’t readily available.


To shape our strategy, we looked at the “Interests” section of Google Analytics so we could build a picture of what those interested in seafood products do online. We used this information to revamp the existing content on the website to target more user-intent and transactional keywords based on market demand and insights we got from Affinity categories and In-Market Segments.

We were then able to optimise existing content to drive up the volume of new visitors, increase awareness and educate the audience – this was all done with a focus on short and long-tail keywords within recipes to gain organic visibility across all funnels.

We exported keyword data from several data sources, and our technical implementations were designed to include Google rich rating snippets for recipes. A technical audit helped us to identify and resolve existing impediments to organic growth.

Our SEO team also carried out keyword mapping, URL redirections and briefed our team of writers on how to optimise existing content to enhance its performance.


We were able to achieve the client’s 6-month KPI in a 3-month time frame, and they saw a consistent month-on-month sessions growth of 44.44% from the organic channels alone – with Google Search Console clicks climbing from 30.3K to 43.3K.

Searches for branded clicks also rose, going from 13.8K to 19.9K, with non-branded terms seeing a great uplift and going from 3.13K to 4.61K.

This strategy was very content-heavy, and our best-performing piece has received 763 clicks after being updated. The best performing product page (Fresh Huon Salmon Fillet) received 2.38K clicks after being updated.

Google gives more weightage to mobile indexing, and this website now converts well on mobile – with revenue improving by 407.7%. Mobile eCommerce conversion rate has improved by 295.05% since March. Desktop has also seen great boosts; revenue has improved by 125.27% and conversion rate has increased by 112.52% since March.

Ongoing optimisations has allowed us to earn exposure and traffic through featured snippets placements, and now Huon Aquaculture appears in featured snippets for recipes amongst other top food bloggers.

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