A multichannel campaign that was more powerful than expected

Impress Me!

Atlantic Group


Through a combination of SEM and social media advertising, we increased event enquiries by over 200%


Increase in Enquiries from AdWords


Increase in Leads from Landing Page


Increase in Leads from Facebook


Established in 1994 with the opening of a seafood restaurant in St. Kilda, Atlantic Group has grown to devour the Melbourne events sector.

Offering the next level of venues and catering for weddings, private parties, corporate events and more, Atlantic Group has made its name for its ability to throw unique parties in some of Melbourne’s most stunning settings.

They didn’t get their stellar reputation by aiming for average. Atlantic Group wanted to drive more enquiries and bookings of their high-end event spaces, while also raising awareness for their seasonal hospitality events and other food and beverage venues.


Impress!ve™ wanted to dedicate appropriate focus to all of Atlantic Group’s venues, in order to gain the right exposure for all of the client’s offerings. It’s important that potential customers have access to all the information they need around a business, so they can make the right decision for that all-important event.

We made that happen with comprehensive landing pages for all of the client’s services, to which we directed traffic from Google AdWords and Facebook.

1. Landing Pages & Google AdWords
We implemented three new sets of Google AdWords campaigns, focusing on private, corporate and wedding bookings for their venues. For each area, we created custom landing pages designed to capture and nurture leads from the middle of the funnel (thinking about venues) to the bottom of the funnel (ready to book).

We achieved this through a combination of Google Search Ads, brochure downloads and Facebook retargeting ads to secondary landing pages.

Since Atlantic Group’s venues are so stunning they often speak for themselves, we made sure all landing pages contained enough visual imagery for visitors to easily imagine themselves celebrating at the venue.

2. Facebook Advertising
We wanted to project the visual aspects of the venues through social. For the Facebook campaign, the creative designs showcased the venue options. We selected imagery that showed the venues dressed for a wedding setting, to generate interest from brides and grooms to-be.

This was accompanied by ad copy written to evoke emotion and desire for their upcoming wedding to be held at one of the Atlantic Group locations. The campaign was structured to move consumers from the discovery and research phase (targeting cold audiences that were not aware of the brand) to leading them to take action and download the brochure.

The final stage was for the consumer to enquire about their event, captured through retargeting campaigns.


All 3 campaigns turned out to be just as powerful (if not more) as we’d expected. Within 3 months of the campaigns going live with Impress!ve™, the weddings campaign had an increase of 52% of enquiries, using the same budget as was used in the previous quarter.

Within 5 weeks of the landing pages going live, leads increased by 94% from the same traffic.

AdWords alone led to an increase of 203% more enquiries, when compared to the previous 3 months before Impress!ve™ took over the account.

The Facebook campaign brought about a 100% increase in leads coming from our Facebook ads, in comparison with the first month of the wedding campaign. Over a 3-month period, the campaign has reached over 73,000 women in Melbourne, reinforcing the Atlantic Group as a premier wedding venue provider.

The campaigns were launched around the beginning of winter, and while that time of year is usually quieter for weddings and other events, Atlantic Group didn’t have to feel that seasonal blow by working with Impress!ve™.

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